29 Oct


I got these socks from The Sockmine Company. I have had a pair before and they were outstanding. On this occasion they didn’t have any shorter ankle socks so I got a pair of the longer ones. Previously I trained and ran the Glencoe Marathon In them and I suppose the test is did I get any blisters? of course i got a couple of small bubbles on the inside of one toe but none on the heal and the base of the foot. These are by far the most comfortable running socks I have ever used. I get into a mild panic if I can’t find my SockMine socks before a long run which is often because my kids seem to find it funny to mismatch my socks. Or the tumble dryer develops an appetite for high quality and devours them.


12 Oct

Flint 10km 2014

A week after running the marathon it was time to get back out. I went for a 6 mile training run on Friday and my legs were in bits. I've got a lot of pain on the top of my right big toe. I think it's just a swollen tendon. I took a couple of anti inflammatory tablets before both runs and these helped out a lot. I ran this race with my wife Eva. She was kind enough to stay at my plodding pace. The route is basically 3 miles up then 3. Miles down. Really enjoyed it despite fatigued legs. Was a beatifull day to run.



08 Oct

Glencoe Marathon 2014

Just got back from a weekend in Scotland after finishing The Glencoe Marathon on Sunday. This was my second marathon my first being The Snowdon Marathon.

The whole race was off road uphill, downhill through a marsh, streams and rocky ground. It had everything. I did it with a good friend of mine who roped me into entering it a few months ago. I know the area from previous adventures, camping and kayaking etc.

The first 6 miles takes you up the beautiful Glencoe pass which is flanked either side by magnificent mountains. Then you go up “The Devils Staircase” which is not famous for it’s flat profile. A long drop down to a small village called Kinlochleven which is the 13 mile point and also the starting place for the half marathon runners. It’s also the place we stayed in over the weekend. Then it’s up again and I would say this is where it started to get really tough for me. At the 19 mile point I was in bits but thankfully there was a fuel station at the 20 mile point where I gorged on Bananas and Cheese (yep a cheeseboard). We then carried on through undulating rocky paths and into a wooded area which mercifully descended to the finish line. A great experience one which I will do again.

We finished and enjoyed a free hog roast roll.

10 Sep


Yesterday I went for a 3 miler after Sundays 20 miles. My legs felt deeply sore and I was thinking about giving it a rest for another day. The first mile or so was horendous and it would have probably been quite amusing to watch me hobbling about like the earth I was running on was molten lava. Once I had warmed up I felt ok and started to enjoy it but the 20 miles in my legs was always apparant.

Today I went for a 4 miler and while I wasn't so sore the energy was only there in spurts so I turned what was supposed to be a 5 miler into a sort of hills, fartlek session. It was a hot day and this probably did me more good than a longer run.

The reality of running another marathon is starting to make me feel nervous. I'm going to be honest I will be glad when this is all over. It makes those 10km races feel like a light training session.