17 Feb

Water-To-Go Bottle Review

There is a lot more to this water bottle than meets the eye. When this arrived in the post I was in a rush to get to work. I quickly opened it had a quick glance and put it on the kitchen table to have a look at when I got back. Later that day holding it and reading the blurb on the packaging It said “Filters over 99.9% of ALL microbiological contaminants” Now I work in Laboratory and you have to be pretty confident to put those sort of stats on your product and that’s the key here to any type of water filtration technology trust! The filter can clean 200 liters of water.  A lot!!

I took it out for a run with me this weekend and it felt great in my hand and I will certainly use it for those 5 or 6 milers. To be honest though I will use this more for my wild camping when I go away to Scotland every year with my mates. We always end up on an island in a Loch after paddling all day and this bottle is perfect for 5 days outdoors.  It fits perfectly in my rucksack side pouch and I can feel confident about the drinking water which is vital when you are in some remote places.

The Water-To-Go bottle is genuinely a great product and something that suits me perfectly not only for running but more for my outdoor stuff. The bottle came from a site called www.traveloutdoors.co.uk

Get one and get me another one for my birthday!!

water to go 2 water to go

05 Feb

Yeah Baby!

Nothing like a big gap in blogging to get me motivated to …..cough…….blog again. An absolute beautiful afternoon to go running in the hills today. This has to be the perfect weather and time of year to run. No breeze, a cold start and about a mile into the run nicely warmed up. I really do love running when it’s like this. Got me trusty Ron Hills on today just to accentuate my gorgeous chunky legs. It’s great to be back into training!!

06 Jan

Cold Run

This is the first run of this winter where I let out a little YELP! as I clambered out of my van to go for a run in the hills. The reason for this uncontrollable wimpy noise was because of the cold. Up here in the high grounds of North Wales it tends to be a few degrees colder than other places and with the wind it’s just not sociable. That or my old body just can’t hack it anymore.

A pleasant 3 miles unfolded after the yelp. I need to get some trail running shoes because I was all over the place in the mud.