The Sock Mine

Written by Phil on April 15th, 2014. Posted in Running

I received these socks from The Sock Mine a few days ago and I have had a chance to wear them on a couple of runs over some hilly terrain with my trainers on of course. Very comfortable and smooth on the foot. For a technical sock the price is excellent. The blurb on them says “These lightweight running socks provide soft cushioning in major contact areas, whilst the moisture management system from the COOLMAX yarn wicks away moisture from the skin leaving feet comfortable and dry.”

I have about 10 pairs of running socks and these are by far the best i have tried.

photo (5)

Get Up!

Written by Phil on April 10th, 2014. Posted in Running

Before I went to bed last night I planned on getting up early to go for a run before I start work. In an effort to limit the excuses not to go when I inevitably wake up completely unmotivated I make sure I lay my running kit out with the laces undone, water bottle filled and alarm set. When 06:00 came around I looked at the window and started my excuses not to go:

  1. It’s to dark
  2. I can go later
  3. It might rain

then from nowhere I climb out of bed do 20 push ups, get my kit on and get out running.

This pretty much happens every time I try an early midweek run. I am always glad I when I have done it though and it sets up my day so well.


This weeks efforts

Written by Phil on April 5th, 2014. Posted in Running

Not exactly smashing the distance yet but I’ve had a good week of getting back to regular training. I don’t think I have been fuelling myself as well as I would like and the runs are all very hilly. Tomorrow is a slow attempt at a 10 km.


Garmin 310 XT

Written by Phil on April 2nd, 2014. Posted in Running

At the end of this month i am getting a Garmin 310xt. My old Garmin Forerunner died on a kayaking trip in Scotland this year. I am a bit of a data nerd and like the idea of the GPS connecting over my wireless network to Garmin Connect to upload the data. Can’t wait.



Written by Phil on March 31st, 2014. Posted in Running

I’m trying to train in hilly areas as much as possible with the Glencoe Marathon in mind. This is of course really easy to do because I live in North Wales. I went for a small plod this afternoon. I say small because I have a niggling injury in my lower left leg. I have dusted the bike off to do some cross training to take out some of the impact on my legs.