17 Jul

Llandegla Black Route.

This place is a mountain that has many tracks carved into it for the pleasure of mountain bikers. It's also a brutal cardiovascular workout. If you think you are running fit (which I thought I was) then try this. I was invited to go here by some mates at work after getting my new bike but before that I put in some mileage in the the Snowdon Mountain Range with a good friend last weekend. We did a 30 mile/hilly/wet ride and I loved every minute of it. So I prepared well for this course. There is a choice of 3 runs just like skiing routes blue, red and black with the latter being the most challenging route in terms of technical and physical ability. The lads after seeing me do a bit of the red route said I should be OK on the black so off we went. Brutal! Is a perfect word to describe how it was. Thoroughly exhilarating and completely physically demanding. It was fantastic. You can go at any pace but it is safer to go at good speed so your tyres just fly over the numerous rocks and boulders. The steep turns and unrelenting bumps and humps keep you focused and alert throughout the ride. If you ever find yourself in North Wales and have a mountain bike this is a must.


07 Jul


On Sunday I went for a 14 miler with a mate around the Alwen Dam. I haven't run double figures for ages and the day before I did a 10 miler in the hills on my mountain bike. Needless to say I was fucked by the 10 mile point. I couldn't do the last mile so I walked. My mate went on and finished the run in good shape. I wasn't disappointed as I really enjoyed it and know I will do better next time with some proper rest.

I have been trying out these Adidas Ultra Boosts over the last few weeks. First of all I think they look great. The one system cushioning on this shoe is a nice change to some of the overcomplicated gear that has been flooding the market. Adidas have really mastered the Boost system from the stuff they were doing a couple of years ago. When I run I usually land on the heel but found myself striking more from the midsole with these. This had a more comfortable and positive feel. When you pull the trainers on they fit over the foot like a reinforced sock. Naturally squeezing and supporting the foot. I like the way they have put the Adidas stripes in a cage that then fits around this sock …………..thing.

Overall these are high quality running trainers. I would only wear these on the road as I was slipping all over the place when I went off the beaten track but they weren't designed for that sort of use.



04 Jul

KTM Ultra 1964

At my work a lot of blokes are seriously into mountain biking and there is a broad spectrum of ages and abilities who do it. Every year our work takes part in the cycle to work scheme that the government runs and this year I thought I would get a bike through the scheme. I got the bike yesterday. I’ve been anticipation this for a few months and couldn’t wait to get my grubby hands on it.

Today I took it for a proper spin in and around the hills and tracks where I work. I though I would be able to blast out 10 miles easily but after 5 I soon realized it was a lot harder than I thought. Great fun though and at one point found myself shouting “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” as I blasted down a hill.

This all has the advantage of supplementing my running as I’m getting to the age where joints and other working parts of body are simply getting worn out.

ktm ultra