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Running Nice.

Just got back from doing a 4 Miler. Really pleased with this run because i felt good all the way (easy to say that once i finish) There are 2 big hills in this route and i still managed to keep a continuous pace. 461ft of ascent is that a lot?

Just loving the running at the moment.

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Work Running

I went for a quick 5 miler while i was at work this afternoon and because i work in the hilly bits it was a hard 5 miler. I don’t particuly enjoy running around here because there is just no let up. As soon as i leave that quarry it’s straight up. 

I haven’t done a race in ages so i entered the Nick Beer Llandudno 10km. the first half of this race is all up hill so todays run counts as hill training.

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Nike Plus

Ages ago JoggerBlogger very kindly sent me his Nike Plus wristband. I have just got round to giving it a try. Instead of paying out for a new pair of Nike Plus ready trainers i just cut a small hole in the tongue of my own trainers and popped the little chip that comes with it in there and it works just fine. Obviously not as accurate as the GPS but i like the way the data is presented.

I took it for a spin this morning on a known route that is 4.2 miles and the Nike Plus was slightly more.

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Friday i went for a 5 miler and today i did a quick 4 miles after doing a couple of hours overtime at work this morning. My legs are very sore but the running is going very well.

Feeling fit and running at a good pace for me. I hope this keenes last longer than the other efforts.

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I went out into the bleak streets this evening with the good intention of doing a 5 miler. About 1 mile into the run a bloke across the road came level with me he was also out running. So i increased the pace to get ahead but he then did the same.

The last i saw of him was a tiny speck about 400 meters in front of me while i through my efforts to try and keep up was completely blown out.

3.4 miles was all i could manage.

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8 Miles

Starting to get my energy and enthusiasm back again after what has been a bit of a bleak period for me and running. I’m starting to develop twitches in my eyelids after working so many nights. :)

I’m back to working normal hours now so hopefully i can get a better routine running programme going. I did an 8 miler on Saturday which went well after doing a 5 miler on Friday evening in atrousious weather.

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Plodding On

The mileage is a bit low at the mo. Just getting out and ticking off 2 or 3 miles. Night shifts are killing me i’m not an Owl for f’s sake!

Anyway gonna have a good crack at double figures this weekend.

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