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Still Training

Been training well but not blogging very well. In fact not at all. I have been doing short distance stuff 2 milers 3 milers etc because i have to do a 1.5 mile run in under 14 mins which is in fact very easy but i want to get a good time.

I got more free stuff recently and will post some pics of this thing very soon. Need to charge up some battiries for my camera first.

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During my dinner break at work i went and did 40 mins of short sprints up and down a hill. Very hard and i was soaked in sweat after. If anyone was looking at me from the farms below i was not lost honest!

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Still here

I have been off for a bit due to having my 3rd cold in the last 2 months inevitably my kids get ill when i get ill and vise versa.

So i managed to get my big ass out running today with a quick 4 miler.

Not an April Fool i promise.


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