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Work Run

This afternoon i went for a 4 miler in the hills not far from a Quarry i was working at today. Does running in the hills make you a better a runner on the flat? Anyway it certainly makes me work a lot harder. This weekend me and the wife are going for a 12 miler which consists of running around the Great Orme twice. We did this in November last year but we only went round once. This is going to be a training run in preparation for her Snowdon Marathon attempt this year.

24092009066 24092009067

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Geotag Photos pffft

I went for a run at work today just over 3.5 miles. On the way i took some pictures that were supposed to have GPS data attached to them which in turn i thought would produce a nice map with the route and thumbnails of the pictures on the way etc. This it turns out is quite a pain in the arse to get sorted. Well it is to me anyway. So i gave up and will try again tomorrow or when i get the time to do so.

This is the route anyway.


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An Old Spot.

In the pursuit of trying to make this blog mildly interesting after an absence i decided to go for a run to a place i went to take some photos about 18 months ago. The picture in my blog banner is of me running down a country lane about 2 miles away from where i work. So in an effort to recreate the picture i went there today and this was the best i could do. The original picture (the one above) was taken sometime at the start of Winter………i think. Anyway it made a 4 mile run less mundane than the usual yomp.

Running at work. DSC033701

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I was given a last minute reprieve with regards to my job which was a huge relief. I was supposed to have my final interview on Monday but on Friday i phoned the bloke who was supposed to be conducting them and told him i would not be attending (it was a 2.5 hour drive away) he then told me my job was OK and i was wondering why the fuck he didn’t tell me before instead leaving me to sweat it out for a month but i was to pleased to get angry.

I am currently doing training for the Army Reserve so i have been getting my arse out running despite the recent worry which i am pleased with. I will get back to blogging about my running now.

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