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Horrible Run

This afternoon i dragged my arse out for a 4 miler in the drizzle of North Wales. One of the worst runs i have done in years. For some reason my stomach muscles or lack of them were in agony everytime i ran but as soon as i walked the pain would fade away almost immediately. Anyway i persevered and managed to complete the run. The last time i had this sort of pain was when i first started running so i will just give it another try tomorrow and see what happens.

The joys of running.

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Google Street Cam Car.

Ok i didn’t go for a run yesterday but while i was out and about at work i managed take a lucky photo of a C-130 Hercules Aircraft fly overhead, i went to a place that i thought was called Frog but in fact it was called Friog, and i i took a photo of the Google Street Cam car which was taking photos of, well, er streets.

Google street cam car c-130 Friog

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Animals And Bush Face.

I decided to take pictures of any animals i saw on the way round my run this afternoon. I was quite pleased with my collection. The run was a very slow (stopping all the time to take snaps) 4 miler. The last animal in the photos is of a few flies that i collected on my sweaty face on the way round.

13102009185 13102009187 13102009176 13102009181 13102009179 13102009174 13102009184 13102009183 1310200917513102009177 13102009191

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Combat Fitness Test.

Me and a mate from the Army have a Combat Fitness Test coming up in a few weeks which involves a 6 mile run/walk with 20kg’s on your back and carrying the Rifle in a time of 1.5 hours. So we went for a quick 4 mile training run with the same weight but we did it in and around the hills where we live. Really nice to do some training with someone else as it makes it much more enjoyable. We did just over 4 miles in 52 mins so it was no problem and in fact felt good all the way round.


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Rare Early Bird.

Got up very early and went for a run in the dark. Not done this in ages. Crap run though my legs were very heavy i say legs that’s probably my wobbly gut. I also have a slight injury on my upper right leg which was killing me going up hill. Apart from that it was all good :)

sweaty t-shirt

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Run with a cold?

No Way! Ive done this before and it just makes it worse. I know some people say it does you good but advice from every medical resource i can find says don’t do it as well. So I’ve had a bit of a cold early on this week which is why i haven’t run until today. I went for a 4 miler while i was at work (do i run any other time?) and it was crap. All i have done for the last few days is stuff my face with crap food and man did i feel it when i was running.


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