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Bird Support.

Saturday morning i went for 4 miler at home. Today i went for a 6 miler down the beach. It was rather blowy down on the front. I got caught out on the way back where a slightly freaky wave came rushing up on the path and completely soaked the bottom half of my legs anyway i had these little fellas cheering me on at about the 3.5 mile point.

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Cold Sprints

Instead of going for some mileage i ran about half a mile to a quiet spot in the sticks so i could do some lung busting shuttle runs. Very painful indeed. I mark out about 100 meters and then mark about one third, half way and two thirds then sprint to the first mark and back to the start then sprint to the second mark and back to the start and carry on doing that until i have completed all marks right up to the 100 meter point. It’s a killer but a good alternative to a tempo run.

The hail and snow came crashing down when i was out and this photo does not convey how dramatic it all was………..well it wouldnt would it?

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Nick Beer 10km

Went for a quick 4 miler this evening and this has to be the first time this year that i have felt some sort of fitness returning. So i was very pleased.

Going to run in the Nick Beer 10km road race at Llandudno again this year last year i got

237  Philip Brewer        V35  44 Unattached   48:13

I doubt i will be able to beat this time this year because im carrying about a stone extra now……we will see.

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Welcome To The Future Of Running……..

I wish i could say that about my own running pffft! Went for a 3.5 miler in the undulating countryside at work and i found it so difficult. I have a cough now which is just great news.

Anyway more positive news. A chap called Sam asked me to give a shout out about this event which does in fact look really good. Might go with the wife. This is the blurb and a link to the site. Click HERE for more info.

The Love Life Love Running weekend is an event for runners and their families. Set in the stunning grounds of Cannock Chase. The weekend takes place on the 24th/25th of July 2010 and is based around two main events. The 10k on Saturday and the 6-hour challenge on Sunday. With free camping and facilities throughout the weekend, pick and choose what event/s you want to do…. just come and have fun!
The courses are specially prepared and are all off-road, with stunning views, you may even glimpse a deer!
This is a weekend for all…with children’s activities and some good new fashioned running!
With different surprises around the course, including DJ’s in the woods, the weekend will be a memorable experience you’ll want to do again and again.

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Thank God for this wonderful material. It was chucking it down before i set off for a 6 miler this morning and my running programme in my head said i needed to go for a slow one. So indeed i did. The first 3 miles into the driving wind and rain but the push on the back all the way in was very welcome. This is the first time in a long time that i have done a longer run.

21 miles in total this week

I have replaced the pain of a hangover with the long run. Things are looking up.

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Fat Burner

Incredible how much fitness is lost over such a short period of time. I went for a few 3.5 milers at work and they just turned into some of the hardest runs i have done in years. I went for a 4 miler this morning and i could feel tiny glimmers of energy that i come to expect from good running weeks. It was the usual plod down the beach and then up into the hills.

This thing has recently been placed on the beach front to mark the spot where Offa’s Dyke ends. Taken at different times of the day.

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So here we go…

The weekend just gone is my last excuse for drinking copious amounts of alcoholic beverages. So as i pass 37 i intend to lose a couple of stone do a marathon this year and generally sort my health out. That first step was a quick 3.5 miler out in the hills at work this afternoon.

Bring on the salad!

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Going away

This blog will be offline for a few days. Changing hosts and some other registration things that need to be changed etc.

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