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Snow Run

It started to snow so i finished work early. My wife was at home when i got there because she is crazy she suggested we go for a run and because i was educated in a secondary comprehensive i said yes. We went for a 4 miler.

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Heavy and Slow.

dragged my fat arse out into the very cold early morning air today with sore legs and the fear of the hill at mile 3 of this planned 4 miler. It was as bad as i thought it was going to be to.  I have lost a lot of fitness over the last 12 days or so which is not quite unexpected but still none the less painful. A couple of weeks of good training will soon get me back to a base level i can then build on but oh the pain.

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Drunk and Fat

I went for a run. It must be the New Year. This 3 miler was one of the hardest runs i have done in years and i mean that (the rest of the stuff i just make up….ha the wit…..cough) but let me JUSTIFY! i shout in the most melodramatic voice i can muster.

  • I ate far to much food over X-Mas. I have litterlly changed the shape of my body.
  • I drank to much. I seriously considered going into A and E the morning  after consuming vast amounts of Rum with a friend of mine one night.
  • I have or at least i am just getting over a patticully nasty form of the human cold.
  • I counted 49 blinks of my cursor on the screen while i was trying to think of a 4th reason.
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So i start the New Year

with one of the worst colds ever recorded in the history of the Human Race. That is to say i am a man who has a bit of the sniffles. A new year resolution was to try to keep this blog up to date which means i run more and find the motivation to do so. So because i can’t run at the moment i thought i would post something.

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