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Back from a break.

Took a bit of time and off and jumped back into the routine of running today. Yes 1 run does count as a routine it just so happens to be the start of it. Went for another work 4 miler in the rain and fog. Looking forward to doing the Shefield Half Marathon in April. Just need to get through Easter relatively booze injury free.

Ran 4.04 miles in 37:24 @ 9:15 min/miles pace

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Best 4 miler ever in the history of me running.

It was good and i couldn’t think of another blog title. I took a few days rest and if by rest i mean eat 2 very large Curry’s and drink lots of beer in a week then i did indeed have a very good rest and lots of it.

The 4 miler was in the hills this afternoon and i have never felt fitter.

Ran 4.06 miles in 36:32 @ 9:00 min/miles pace

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Sheffield Half Marathon

Getting ready for the next race this year which is as you have probably guessed by the subtle title of this blog post The Sheffield Half Marathon which is being run on the same day as the London Marathon. A few thousand people will be doing it so this will be the biggest race in terms of numbers of people that i have ever done.

After a rest day on Monday after Sundays race and a mild hangover the week so far has gone like this.

  • Tuesday 4 miler
  • Wednesday 8 miler
  • Thursday 5 miler
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10km Personal best

Did the Farndon 10km race this afternoon with my wife and a mate of mine. We all got PB’S on an undulating route which was very pleasing indeed. I had no race plan and was even more chuffed for this reason. I kind of secretly hoped i would get close to my 48:20 which i got just over a year ago. Here i managed a 46:55 which blew that out of the water. One of the best things about this race was the comfortable feeling i had all the way round and at the 4 mile point i just accelerated and passed lots of club runners that looked a lot taller and thinner than me. Shallow i know but there you go.

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A 5 and a 4

Yesterday i really didn’t feel like going for a run. I was tired at work all day and had the feeling i was getting a cold or something but i got my arse out of the door and went for a 5 miler. Today i felt better and when i finished work i went for another 5 miler but the GPS only says i did just over 4 that’s because i ran off without switching the thing on. DOH!

Ran 4.37 miles in 35:52 @ 8:12 min/miles pace

The new trainers given me a nice blister on the end of my toe. It’s not sore and i can’t wait to pop this little beauty.

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Fast 4 Tuesday.

Just got back from a 4 miler. I had a few Guinness last night not many just more than one :) and i felt it today during this run. Race weekend this Sunday it’s advertised as an undulating 10km……eeps!

Ran 4.21 miles in 34:19 @ 8:09 min/miles pace

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