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Post Race Run And Thanks.

Usually i don’t run for quite awhile after doing a race. Not out of some athletic, scientific health rest reason but because i usually get very drunk, fatter and lazy. So i got my arse out this afternoon for a 5 miler with stiff legs and sore feet.  I have no plans with regards to entering any races so I’m off to have a good scan on Runners World to see if there is anything worth doing.

Many thanks for all the congrats  etc it means a lot and it’s nice to know humans read this blog.

Ran 5.01 miles in 44:31 @ 8:53 min/miles pace

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Sheffield Half Marathon 2010

We made our way down to Sheffield yesterday and booked into our hotel. The room was that small i didn’t need my glasses to watch the TV it was that close. Anyway one of our friends lives in this great city so we went out for a meal with her. I promised myself only 1 glass of wine but i ended up having one of those huge bulbous glasses which is probably a good quarter of a bottle if not more of some fine Italian red and 2 rather strong beers. When we got back to our cell/ hotel room i was lying on the bed stuffed moaning out loudly “what have i done?”

Got up and i was nervous but feeling not to bad. A bit of a delay before the race started and once we got underway i had a bloody nightmare. I was bursting for a pee and i mean bursting so the first mile was just horrendous. I found a toilet and quickly went then after the great relief i was so chuffed i bounded along. Found a nice rhythm and  seemed to cruise on nicely. It’s a very undulating course and this is where i was at my strongest going up hill due to that fact i do all my training in the slopes of North Wales (yet to find some flat bits).

The Sheffield crowd were awesome and at points the hair on the back of neck was sticking up with the roar of the crowds in the city center and the finish in the stadium was just magnificent.

I will be doing this again.

Ran 13.17 miles in 1:52:47 @ 8:34 min/miles pace

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Work 5 Miler Blister

I got the blister on the bottom of my foot from a run i did last week (using old trainers no socks) and today when i went for a 5 miler i must have been running slightly awkwardly and this has developed a sore spot on the side. The blisters don’t usually cause to much pain but this one is a little bugger.

Ran 5 miles in 45:44 @ 9:09 min/miles pace

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Lucozade Lite

The nice people at Lucozade sent me a box of the new Lucozade Lite which is out at the end of this month. Only 50 calories. I tried the Berry flavour stuff and it was fine. This is the blurb.

New Lucozade Sport Lite is designed to give your workout, training or sporting session a boost with only 50 calories per serve. This calorie content is lower than most sports drinks and it is therefore ideal for activities where less energy replenishment is required and you don’t consume more calories than you burn

I went for a quick 4 miler at work………not good wobbly belly.

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Impromptu Alwen Reservoir Run.

I was working near a water treatment works today which is way out in the hills of North Wales. I found a little reservoir near by and decided to go for a quick plod. I nearly got caught butt naked in the car park while i was putting my shorts on by a couple of walkers appearing from some woods behind me. I have never been here before so i just headed over the dam and followed a path. I thought i could make it all the way round the reservoir but at the 2 mile point i took what i thought looked like a little short cut. It turned out to be a dead end and after fighting my way through the pine trees i ended up back on the path i came in on. With a few nicks on my arms and legs i was very much relived to have made it out :) I ended up running back which turned out to be just over 4 miles………lovely!

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Fat Gut

Yesterday i went for a 6 miler and today i went for a 4 miler both at work where the hills are killers. Today i had a pain in my lower abdomen during most of the run but i think this is just due to the extra pounds gained over the Easter holidays. I can feel the wobble.

Just 11 days to go until the Sheffield Half Marathon which falls on the same day as the London Marathon. So good luck to all of you who are in that race.

Tuesday – Ran 6.09 miles in 53:56 @ 8:51 min/miles pace

Today – Ran 4.06 miles in 35:16 @ 8:41 min/miles pace

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Phil Packer

Yesterday i was asked to write a post about Phil Packer who is raising money and awareness for the charity Arthritis Research UK. Phil Packer served in The British Army and because i’m an ex soilder i was delighted to oblige.

His story is very inspiring.

He sustained a spinal chord injury whilst on operational duty in 2008. He was told it was highly unlikely that he would ever walk again, but through sheer determination and a great deal of support, he has completed a number of challenges including rowing the English Channel, and walking the London Marathon in 14 days. This year, he aims to complete it in just 26 hours and is dedicating each mile of the walk to a charity.
He is supporting Arthritis Research UK for the first mile, and Catherine Bull, aged 22 who has Rheumatoid Arthritis will be completing the Marathon and walking this first mile with Phil.

Also on the Arthritis Research UK website there are some great Marathon Running Tips in the form of a PDF file which you can download.

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Got beeped at twice while out running today by random people. I have no idea why? I did check to see if i had any toilet paper stuck to my shoe/face/arse and i did remember to put my shorts on. So i can only come to the only logical conclusion which is to say that these people are just twats.

You may have noticed a slight change to the theme i use. If you think it is minging and really can’t stand the sight of it then please let me know.

I do this run a lot the Garmin Connect website where i upload all my GPS data after a run. It produces fantastic info geek porn.

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