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Juneathon Training

Getting ready for this years Juneathon today with a nice 4 miler at work. I’m not sure how you get ready to do something like that but I’m thinking not much is the answer and just enough to keep you ticking along. So that’s what I’m doing just ticking along.

Ran 4.05 miles in 35:44 @ 8:49 min/miles pace.

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Running early in the morning when it’s warm is rare here and as such very much appreciated. Got out of bed and went for a 4 miler down the beach. The sea was flat as a pond and apart from the odd dog turd to avoid it was glorious. Yesterday i did yet another 4 miler at work.

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Nice Hot Six

Sweating like a mule on a 6 miler this afternoon. It’s quite remote where i run and i had my i pod shuffle on so i admit it i nearly jumped out of my skin when a skinny tall athletic chap came running past me. He obviously smelt the fear because he raised his arm in a sort of apologetic manner.

Ran 6.09 miles in 54:18 @ 8:55 min/miles pace

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Green Fly Hell.

I ran the same route as yesterday but added a mile to make it a 5 miler. At about the 2 mile point i kept on running through little clouds of Greenfly which had the effect of making me blink like Richard Gere. I also found it irritating to brush them off my sweaty arms and the odd one or two managed to make it down my throat as i was inhaling liters of air. This had the bonus effect of me slightly upping my pace and i ran the route which is very hilly all the way round in what i think is my record time.

Ran 5.1 miles in 43:22 @ 8:30 min/miles pace

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Yes it’s that time of the year nearly and i have once again volunteered for the annual round of Juneathon. This is where a bunch of bloggers who run do some kind of fitness everyday of the month of June. It’s quite tough so this year i am determined to complete it with GPS evidence.

Went for a hilly 4 miler this afternoon.

Ran 4.03 miles in 37:02 @ 9:11 min/miles pace

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No Booze.

That is to say i got busted this weekend by Jog Blog on Facebook (oh how i hate Facebook sometimes) because i put a status update where i announced the fact i was having a couple of beers while watching the Formula One Motor Racing. So the title of this blog post is in fact a lie. Swiftly moving on i went for a nice and slow 5 miler at work today.

Ran 5.02 miles in 48:30 @ 9:40 min/miles pace

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An Early 6 Miler

Another relatively early start with massive blue sky’s and a cool breeze it was a nice run. I’m far from feeling to healthy  after some weekends of debauchery but after the 3 runs this week and the no drinking situation I’m starting to feel just about normal again.

Ran 6.13 miles in 51:58 @ 8:29 min/miles pace

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With me attempting a month without booze i woke up today feeling sort of human. So i went for a nice 4 miler. Surprisingly cold and windy which doesn’t help in the exposed parts of the beach. And how hard is it to stop eating carbs? well for me at least a bit of a nightmare. Trying to plan meals for all the family and the odd person who can’t eat what the rest of the gang is scoffing.

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