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Well Done.

A massive well done to all the people who managed to complete this years Juneathon. If i am completely honest i do say that with a tinge of jealously but a lot of respect. Can’t wait to see who the winner is. Cathy is going to announce this on Friday i hear.

As for me well i have been plodding but only 3 times a week. I have entered the Anglesea half marathon which takes place in September so i have a goal at least.

Well done again!            gits :)

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End of Junethon for me.

Woke up today feeling very rough all the glands in my throat were swollen. My knees hurt and my ankles ache so i threw the towel in. Still it was a good couple of weeks training. Feeling much better now and managed to go out in the canoe with a good friend of mine for a change of scenery.

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Juneathon Half Fekn way!

In case you didn’t know i have a the week off from work. So juneathon should be easy for me with all this time on my hands. However i feel rough and knackered i think those are the right words. My legs are shot and when i get up my tendons hurt. i went for a kind of run this morning. I just plodded for 2 miles and that was it. That was all i could manage.    Tired Tired Tired!

2 miles in about 20 mins is all i could do :)

Happy half way folks.

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Juneathon Day 13

Well not very good all i could manage was another 3 miler. The pins are just to painful for anything longer. If i sit down for any length of time when i get up I’m like an old man. I will hobble on.

Ran 3.12 miles in 26:12 @ 8:52 min/miles pace

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Juneathon Day whlkdfgknbn

Well i well and truly fell off the Juneathon wagon yesterday. I got a load of beer in and drank much of it. That was my evening sorted. So today with a great big massive hangover i dragged my drunken arse late this evening out for a 4 miler with the big hill. Much pain. It just ain’t funny running when yer dehydrated. Surprisingly i ran well (must be numb). My body is in tatters if i am honest and the beer was very welcome i needed that.

Ran 4.2 miles in 35:08 @ 8:22 min/miles pace

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Juneathon Day 12 – Pain 3 Miler

Got up and went for a quick 3 miler this morning. The first mile of these runs are quite painful. So the damage so far as we approach half way.

  • Tendons around lower left ankle are quite sore.
  • Right upper leg painful for first mile
  • Joggers Nipple (having to tape up now)

But on a positive note i have lost a little weight and i have managed to still stay off the booze.

Ran 3.03 miles in 25:49 @ 8:31 min/miles pace

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Juneathon Day 11 – 5 Miler

I set off with the intention of running a 3 miler for Juneathon Day 11 but the sun came out and i was plodding along at a nice steady pace so i decided to extend it. I ended up running a 5 miler.

The tendons around my ankles are starting to get sore but i only notice the pain for the first mile or so. Nearly half way.

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Juneathon Day 10 – 4 Mile Hill

Spent most of the day in a monthly meeting in Manchester listening to self important idiots in suits talking in that repugnant managerial jargon. The next person to use the term “best practice” and “moving forward” is quite simply going to get slapped hard on the side of their fat faces. So for Juneathon Day 10 i ran 4 miles along a windy North Wales coast and with every footfall stamped on the face of everyone in that meeting ……….. except me of course because I’m thinking out of the box and moving forward.

Ran 4.21 miles in 35:38 @ 8:28 min/miles pace

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