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Mo Farah

Great to see Mr Mo winning the 10km at the European Championships we have been following him for some time in our house. Inspired i got out for a run today. Not running well at the moment. Seem to be going through a bit of a crap patch but this is all part of the up and down cycle.

Ran 3.5 miles………slowly.

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Sweat Guess

I went for a run today but like i said before i haven’t been taking my GPS out with me so i just ran for an hour. I reckon i ran about 6 miles going by the unscientific method of judging distance by the amount of sweat i produced in terms of area on my t-shirt.  Perhaps?

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A post for 2 days.

After finishing what I needed to do at work yesterday I decided to go for a quick 3 miler but it was lashing it down (i did have a small clip to show you but i was having a mare converting mp4 to flash etc and it became to time consuming for what was a few seconds of heavy rain).  So I left it for half an hour and then went out. Of course after a few minutes of running it pissed down. When I got back to my lab the rain stopped. I don’t think I could have timed it any better.

I have stopped taking my GPS and Mp3 Player for a couple of weeks so I can just enjoy the running and not worry or even think about how fast I’m going or not as the case may be.

I got out this afternoon in a pleasant drizzle as opposed to yesterdays drowning downpour. I managed a nice slow 4 miler. I really do enjoy running at a very slow pace instead of pushing it as I usually do at this sort of distance. I must run slower more often which sounds like it goes against the grain of most runners’ philosophy but it is very true in my case.

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Watching the Golf and the alcohol content of beer ensured I didn’t go for a run this weekend or in fact raise my heart rate above 70 bpm. So this afternoon feeling fat I went for a nice slow 5 miler in the warm drizzle. I have also started doing a small circuit routine of press ups and sit ups which is nothing to shout about at the moment but it’s a start.

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Just a quickie

Went for a 3 miler in the howling wind this afternoon so it felt more like a 6 miler. The Open Championship  started today so that pretty much makes me stuck to the armchair for 4 days but i will try my best to get out ………. i promise!

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Yesterday after doing a quick 4 miler we all went to Llandudno to watch the start of the triathlon they were holding there. It’s a proper Olympic distance event. Absolutely amazing what these people do. The training alone must take up so much of there time. So of course i am going to try a mini triathlon soon just need to get the stabiliser’s off my bike.

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Got up early this morning and went for a 4 miler in what has to be the best running conditions you can get. It was warm with a nice cool breeze . Ive done ok this week after the little break and a few pounds have dropped off in the process.

We are going  to Landudno tomorrow to watch a  Tri-Athlon event. Might have to get a good bike and start swimming after that.

So a total of 15 miles this week. So far.

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I found a hill (very easy task around here) where it is quiet and about 300 meters up. I had 6 or 7 sprints up and a slow jog down in my head this it turns out was slightly ambitious and in the end i only managed 5 but it was nice to do something a bit different. A massive downfall i think in my running is that i am to repetitive and need to do a mix of runs and some cross training.

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