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On Yer Bike!

Back to work after a 2 week break, always a grim day. It’s also just a few weeks until the half marathon so it’s no booze and stacks of running and with that i went for a 4 miler at work followed by a 7 mile bike ride when i got home. During the bike ride i nearly killed a few tourist but hey no problem there. I did promise to do some extra training and that was it. Glorious day today, a joy to run in.

I have 2 bikes this is the one i used today. The other is a mountain bike. I did want a proper racing bike but when i saw how thin those tyres were it was obvious the designers didn’t have my lump of a body in mind.

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Back from my holidays and have proper access to the interweb now. I did promise in a previous post to show you some pictures from a run i did on the cliff tops near by to where we were staying. So here you are.

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i will try to keep this brief because im having to type from my phone. No proper internet here. Went for a quick 3 miler this morning. Feeling better and the tendon is holding out. Thanks for the comments i can’t put them up because the links don’t work from my phone.

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West Wales

The run i went on has some of the most spectacular views. I will take my camera with me on my next run. It’s along the coastal path very close to sheer drop cliffs looking over a sea bay with views of the mountains in the background.

I am on the coast of west Wales at the moment and after 2 days rest from running i decided to try another run to test it out. It went supprisingly well (just a couple of miles) and the Achilles held up with just the odd twinge here and there. I really don’t want it to snap on me after hearing some horror stories from other runners. Apparently it’s worse than breaking a leg because they never recover properly and as such can never run as well as they used to. So i’m thinking lots of cross training is in order for a good few months. The trouble is i say that but doing it is a different matter but in this case i really am going to have to do it.

I am posting this from a bus stop by the way.

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Buggered Achilles Bit

After yesterdays little 3 miler i felt a little twinge in my right Achilles but just put it down to the normal soreness you get when getting back into running. I could still feell it when in bed in the early hours of the morning enough to wake me up. So i went for a very gentle 3 miler this morning. As i set off it was sore but then the pain went away but when i finished it started to really hurt.Here are some incredibly in depth and scientific diagrams any medical university would be proud of to explain it a little better.

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13 Mile Bike Ride And A 3 Mile Run

followed by several San Miguel’s a load of Squid and a bottle of Red Wine. Not the greatest combination but it must cancel each other out in some sort of way surely?

Oh yeah don’t wear your flip flops on a long bike ride. That bit that goes in between the toe rubs the skin away to leave a painful sore.

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Holiday Training

At the end of the week i am off work for 2 weeks. I plan on doing some really good training during that time. Not going anywhere special just a week down on the West coast of Wales. No escaping the hills though.

Just popping out in the sun for another 4 miles.

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4 Mucas Miles

Post cold running is not a lot fun for me. I have been out of action for just over a week with quite a bad cold and a cough from hell. So i went for a slow 4 miler today which was difficult to say the least. It was great to get out in the intermittent sun though.

I have decided to start a structured training programme to get me ready for the half marathon in September. I don’t usually follow a programme. Not out of some sort of principled decision it’s just that i am not to good at keeping to them but after the cold and the relative lack of activity on my part i thought this sort of approach will be the best idea.

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