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Anglesey Half Marathon

I did it in 1 hour 55 mins. That’s my chip time. This is the same time i got at the Sheffield Half but the course at Anglesey is a lot tougher with some very long hills and the last 3 miles is just one long uphill struggle so i am quite pleased with the time i got. I know if i lose a couple of stone i can knock a lot of time off that.

The race was fantastically organised. We had to get a coach to the start line and they all left on the time advertised. We met and had a good chat with the great Colin Jackson minutes before the race (he’s a lot taller than i imagined) We had blue sky’s and there was a distinct nip in the air. When we set off i had no plans i just run and see what happens. I got chatting to a bloke at mile 3 who was a barrister working in Manchester. We were yacking for a good couple of miles and before i knew it we were half way round. The course itself gives you amazing views of Snowdonia. We mostly ran along country roads with the odd handful of spectators here and there. Plenty of fuel and water stops hosted by the local cadet force. I felt OK most of the way round and even managed to pass plenty of people on the hills but the last 3 miles were an absolute killer. I loved it i had a great day and had an awesome post race buzz all day. I am now in tatters.

My wife and brother in law did the race as well. You can read her side of the story here.

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Ready for the Half Marathon

I did a couple of 5 milers this week in the hills and i will do a 3 miler tomorrow. Looking forward to it now. Can’t wait for the pre race nerves on Sunday, bring it.

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This was supposed to be posted on Friday.

This is the first time i have been for a run in months where i wore 2 layers on top as it was or it seemed a bit nippy outside. I’m rubbish in the cold. I used to be in the Army and people at work often take the piss out of me when i moan about the cold. They remind me i used to be a Soldier and i remind them that the i must of missed the lesson where they tell you how not to feel the cold.

5 miler completed this afternoon.

And this after the real afternoon that is today. I went for another 5 miler back in those woods i got sort of lost in last time but this time i didn’t get lost for obvious reasons.

Drank to much at the weekend again.

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Running Stitch.

I literally haven’t had a stitch in years and i got one today when i went out for a 5 miler this afternoon. There is no gradient of pain when i get one of these. It’s just goes from “i can’t feel anything this is going well” to “oh shit why is my lower abdomen on fire?” anyway luckily it only came on at about mile 4. The half marathon is only a couple of weeks away. Gulp!

Still messing around with my new camera. In Tescos the magazine “Digital Photography” comes under the “Mens interests” section of the magazine rack. Don’t Women like or do Photography?

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Nikon D5000

Still running just not blogged them yet. Thursday a 4 miler Friday a rest and on Saturday i did a 6 miler which was quite painful. I really need to bang in some more long distance runs if i can.

Got myself a new camera.

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Penmaenmawr Run

Pen-mine-mow(same as cow)-rer is the correct way to say it at least that’s what a Welsh bloke told me on Facebook. I was working in the quarry which you can sort of make out in the picture with the large lump of rock. I had my kit on me so i went for a run. I ended up doing about 2.5 miles followed by some hill sprints to really get a sweat on.

I did want to run to a village called Llanfairfechan which indecently is the place where Janet Street Porter was born (i heard her gobbing off about it in a documentary once) but i ran out of footpath so i turned back and just ran for another 20 minutes or so. The lump of rock that looks like an island is the Great Orme but it isn’t an island it’s joined to the mainland by the town Llandudno. That’s where i did the Nick Beer 10km race.

When i was doing some hill sprints a fellow runner came up to me and we had a good old natter for 10 minutes or so. It turns out he was training for The Great North Run this coming weekend and he said he was shitting himself because he has never done anything like it before. We shook hands i wished him the best of luck and that was the end of my training today.

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Two contrasting runs completed so far this week. Yesterday i went for a 4 miler where i really couldn’t be arsed to go out and today i was really keen to get out running and did a nice 5 miler. When i feel lethargic/lazy like i did yesterday i must admit it does take a lot of effort to get my kit on and get outside. I think it has a lot to do with the weather. It’s a joy to go out for a plod below big blue skies but when it starts to get grim and cold that’s the tester. With that thought in mind as we plunge into Autumn I’m off for a warm bath.

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