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Snow Run

Went out in the cold this afternoon just for a small run in the snow. I went up a hill not so much for the exercise but to have a look at the views from up there after this cold snap we are having in the UK.

Lots of sliding on the way down.

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  • Monday 4 Miler
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  • Wednesday 4 Miler
  • Today Nothing

Consistently boring but necessary to get me back into training after a rubbish few weeks in the build up to the last race. I got a few requests for some photos after taking a load with a descent camera i now have. So i am thinking about doing a bit of event photography and then giving runners the photos from here.

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Non Race Report Pandas and Bamboo

I didn’t run the Conwy Half Marathon this Sunday as i woke with a stinking cold and a mild hangover. unbelievably bad preparation. In fact probably the worst thing i could have done. Anyway life goes on. I went to the race to support two of my mates who i dragged into doing it in the first place so i thought it was the least i could do. Both did really well with times of 1 hour 44 mins and 1 hour 41 mins. I was genuinely pleased for them because this was the first time they have done a race like this and they had a blast.

I saw this Panda running around and this bush. My 5 year old daughter had to point out the fact that the bush was Bamboo and that’s what the Panda eats. I would have never made the correlation. I mean i do know Pandas eat bamboo but the whole bush thing? you know what i mean!

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Rock Legs

Seriously stiff thighs after 3 days of running 4 milers. Went for a run today and met 3 other runners on the same patch of road. This i know is not very remarkable in itself but on this particular route it is rare that i ever see another human being during the whole run and as if to emphasise the point 2 of those people stopped for a quick natter which essentially amounted to “wtf are you doing here?” Always nice to chat to fellow runners while out training.

I might be back on for the Conwy Half Marathon. I will see how the next few days training pan out and then make a decision.

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I haven’t blogged for ages because i haven’t ran for ages. Well all that changed today as i went for a 4 miler in the bitter cold North Wales hills. Very slow just to get back into it.

I’ve had a problem with my back well not exactly the back but my sciatic nerve which every now and then gives some serious pain. Took me a few days to get over that and then i got a stinking cold. I have had to pull out of the Conwy Half so my wife is taking my number and running it instead. A couple of my mates are doing it so i will be there to take photos etc.

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