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Viral Infection

I went for a run this morning and broke down after about one mile. I just felt ill and couldn’t breath properly. I have had a nasty chesty cough but I thought I had shifted it.

Managed to finish three miles by walking and jogging.

Edit – must be ill just came back from a session in the new gym I joined. Now pooped.

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Way To Much Food.

My first run of the festive season has been completed. One of the hardest runs i have done in years. A little 3 miler but i have not been well lately with a nasty chest cough. Also eating and drinking like a pig on top of that did not help matters in anyway. Still it’s nice to a run under the belt.


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Before the storm

Apparently¬†bucket loads of snow is on it’s way to this part of the UK within the next 48 hours (great film) so with that in mind i managed to sneak in a quick 4 miles at work. I am not going to try and run in the ice again. A) It’s far to cold and B) I nearly broke my fat arse last time.

Oh yeah joined a proper gym today or at least our family did. £350 for unlimited access to the gym and swimming pool (and other stuff) for all of us for a year and it really is a lovely place.

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Sweaty Hat

Another early morning run in the dark and what made this run slightly more interesting for me at least was the odd random Ice patch. I nearly fell arse over tit a few times but with an instinctive “WHOA! ” followed by a small giggle i carried on.

Managed to do 5 miles this morning slowly and slippery.

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Fat Hoody

I have been living the last few weeks the way most people live during the Christmas period, eating and drinking to much. Started to notice the pounds piling on. So as always i went out pounding the streets early this morning in the dark. I only went for a 4 miler and found this very hard going.


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