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Asics GEL-Stratus 3 Test Run

OK a mild hangover is not the best way to start a Sunday morning but despite that i set off on a run to try out my new Asics GEL-Stratus 3 which were sent to me from the people at DMS SPORTSWORLD. I went for a 4 miler on road and on the hilly parts of town where i live. I suppose the best test is to see if i come back hobbling with blisters which i am quite susceptible to. To be honest about half a mile into the run i wasn’t even thinking about my feet which ticks another box in my mind. Comfortable and no blisters.

Hangovers don’t make you run fast.

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Today i was working in a different place to my usual location to cover for a bloke who nearly died of Pneumonia over the X-Mas period (he is ok resting at home). Beautiful day over the North Wales coast. So i went for a quick 3 miler along the sea front because that’s all there is along this stretch. 3 miles.

It was a case of running under dual carriageway bridges and little road ways used mostly by dog walkers. Lots of dodging dog crap which added to the variation in exercise i suppose (clean it up people ffs!)

Oh yeah new trainers arrived today going to take them out for a spin in the morning.

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DMS Sportsworld

I will be receiving a new pair of trainers from the nice people at DMS SPORTSWORLD. The trainers are Asics GEL-Stratus 3. As promised i said i  would pimp  there site for them. Trainers here are in fact a bargain ranging from £35 – £65 quite easy to pick up a quality pair of daps. As with any good  online sports firm you can get women, men, trainers, clothing and much more.

A great line in womens trainers.

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Will I Miss It?

Soon i will be starting a new job and as such unable to run in the hills where i work now. In the 5 years i have been working here i have found loads of running routes which i take advantage of throughout the year. I have always found them challenging and can probably count on one hand the times where i have run and truly found pleasure. I think i will miss them they have became so familiar. I will still be working in quarry environments in new hills so i suppose i have the fun of finding new places to plod to come.

I went for a 4 miler in the hills today and as i was running i was saying in my head “i aint gonna miss this!” but i will. I took these last summer on my phone while out running.

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Theme Change

Needed to make a theme change because i found other running blogs using the same theme as my old one. I suppose this is what it feels like to turn up at a party wearing the same dress as the other person etc. I would of course never turn up at a party in a dress. Maybe for a bit of money…….ok ok i will do it for a sandwich.

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A blog post before I do the thing I should be blogging about is surely a recipe for it all to go pear shaped. I am bored at work just itching to go for a run but it’s grim outside so gym, and swim it is. Roll on hometime

EDIT: Just got back from the gym after a nice workout and swim with my family. Belly full of Tomatoes,Basil and Mozzarella Nom!

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Sunday Early Run

Been off the booze for awhile now and as such able to get up early to go for a run on a weekend morning. Had a rest day yesterday but on Friday as promised in my list of 5 things to do this year i went down the gym to do a bit of cross training.

Been following the Janathoners and mightily impressed with some of the efforts. Inspiring stuff.

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