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No Rabies Yet.

I was working on the island of Anglesey this morning and found i had an hour or so to kill so i went for an impromptu 4 miler along part of the half marathon route i did last year. I took my camera with me and took a few snaps. Stopping to take them made the run a pleasure. The hills in the background are the Snowdonia Mountain Range taken from a bridge crossing the A55.

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Bastard Dog

Went for a little 3 miler after work and about half way round a little Jack Russell on a massive lead bit me on the back of the leg. It was being walked by a women in her 30’s. I threatened to drop kick the dog into the North Sea which was a bit odd because i live near the Irish Sea. I blame rage.

Anyway on a positive note the rush of anger got me running well and i finished the run at a great pace.

Not a very good photo but it’s hard to take a picture where this is.

bastard dog bite

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Nice and Knackered.

Great to be back into some proper training after being ill over the holiday period. My next race is the Nick Beer 10km around the Great Orme. This will be my 3rd time at doing this race.

Went for a 4 miler and then when i got back from work we took the kids swimming. Nice and knackered now.

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Just got back in the UK after 10 amazing days of skiing in the French Alps. My none drinking and training starts as of today.

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Happy cough New Year

Managed to get out for a plod today. This viral infection really has knocked me for 6 (England doing well in the cricket to) I can often and usually do run 4 or 5 miles very comfortably at a nice steady pace say 08:30min/mile. After this illness i can only jog very slowly for a mile or so and then find i have to walk. I managed to do 3.5 miles in that manner this morning.

I have handed in my resignation for Janathon due to not being able to run for nearly a week and i am going skiing for awhile in a few days. Good luck to all taking part i look forward to following your progress.

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