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Treadmills are easy.

have been pounding away the miles in the gym for the last few days. Not for any reason other than feeling guilty about paying so much money and not using it as much as I should. Running on a treadmill is so much easier than running outside to the point I feel like I’m cheating. I don’t have any scientific proof because I have better things to do with my time but it is easy.

A competition to enter. Get in quick! If you are into your apps this seems pretty good you can get the info off this image or just go to this link Tworkout

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Locked Out.

I am sitting here on the doorstep to my house because the keys are inside and I’m not. Finished work so I went to the gym. I did 5 miles on the treadmill and made my way home. That was when I realised I had left the keys indoors. My wife doesn’t get back for an hour or so and that’s when I remembered I still have my bike in the back of the van from the weekend. My arse was not so sore so I went for a quick 5 miles. I can get my own Wi Fi access from this step so all is not lost.

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Isle Of Man

So it turns out cycling 37 miles in mountainous terrain is quite hard to say the least. We all got over to the Isle Of Man for a charity bike ride on Friday morning. Me and a few others decided to have a few beers and then continue drinking beer when we got on the island. This is something one should not do………ever again!
Got up about 07:00 and managed to eat a full English (which was rather good it has to be said) while incredibly hungover. Got to the TT Race Course start line and with 53 others we set off.
The first 10 miles were a nightmare. I had no idea what pace i should go at so i just kept up with people who looked like they knew what they were doing. This was another naive decision on my behalf. These people practice and don’t drink heavily. At the 26 mile point i was gone i had hardly anything in the tank and i was very wobbly. Then it was 7 miles up hill and not just any hill but one you could easily roll down if you so wished.
Then when i got to the top it rained and it rained very hard indeed. Now a 4 mile downhill ride which resulted in me crossing the finish line shivering and bickering under my breath “never the fuck again, never the fuck again” over and over.
Will be back next year to have another go of course.

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37 Mile Bike Ride.

This Saturday along with 53 other people mugs will be riding around the very undulating hills and mountains of the famous TT Race course on the Isle Of Man. It’s in aid of the charity Help For Heroes. I have done absolutely no bike training whatsoever and just hope nothing goes wrong. One of the blokes i work with asked me if i do any fitness and i replied i do a few jogs every now and then he said “all i do is smoke”

Will post all about it when it or me is done.

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I got asked to try out this base-layer top from the people at BAM -Bamboo Clothing. When i was serving in the Infantry  most of the Soldiers are kit monsters in that they want the latest and best outdoor stuff they can get there hands on. When i left the regular Army i held an auction to sell off all my non as issued kit. I made about £1000. Anyway i once had a conversation with a squaddie about all this stuff and when asked, if i was going out on exercise and i could only take one bit of non standard Army kit what would it be? I always said my base-Layer.

BAM asked me to try this out on some runs. It’s not specifically built just for runners but skiing, hiking, expeditions, climbing, camping, kayaking, etc. I have used it about 6 or 7 times and this mornings run was one of them. It works well and has some little details that are very useful like the thumb inlets to draw the material round the hand especially useful when changing tops and not taking your base layer off as you often do on long walks or camping. There site also has lots stylish and more importantly useful clothing.

I have done loads of early runs lately and this top is now one of my favourite running tops i love it. This was taken this morning post 4 mile run.

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The Birds

The skanky seagulls just woke me up it’s just after 6 in the morning and I’m supposed to be on holiday. This is that bit where I have to use all my strength both mentally and physically to go for a run.
It’s so warm in this duvet though. I can’t go later.

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Edit: So i eventually got my arse up after repeatedly saying “shall i ? shan’t i? shall i? shan’t i?” in the end i just shouted BOLLOCKS! not out loud of course just inside my own face and with that echoing inside my empty skull i found myself running around town at 06:30.

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Trion Z

I was asked to try out the magnetic bracelet made by TrionZ. It was sent with some information which outlined what they do. The advertising on there site says they make  “Health Gear For Active Lifestyles” i am a man who is far from scared to admit that i need all the help i can get.  I was told Rory McIlroy the Pro Golfer wheres one and then the following weekend he nearly wins the Masters. So based on this i thought why not?

Whether their effects are real or placebo i don’t think it really matters to be honest. I like it and not only that i love the look and style.

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