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A Friday Kick Start

I got myself a new running app for my android phone and decided to go for a little shuffle round the quarry this afternoon. If you really want to see the stats ets then you can see them here. Nothing special.



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The Quarry Run

Went for a run around the boundary of the quarry i work at and found a nice hill that extends for 300 meters or so where i did some …….well hill reps. I managed a total of 4 before my arse started asking for oxygen too. So i wobbled back and sprint finished the last 200 meters and just sat on a rock sweating until i could muster the energy to get my towel to wipe the torrent of sweat spraying out of my skin and drive home. I had a smile on my face for 30 seconds or so when i was on my way back. I think i’m learning very slowly how to enjoy this stuff again :)

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Treadmill Init.

Far to windy and blowy to be out running (still in wimp stage) So i popped over to the gym for a burst on the treadmill. The person next to me who was walking at a gentle pace as i was pounding away decided it was appropriate to strike up a conversation and because i’m not confident enough to tell her to shut the f#ck up, i responded. So we were yakking away for the whole 5 miles.

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And so it continues. I went for a cheeky 3 miler during my lunch break at work this afternoon. This is a hard distance for me to complete in any dignified manner at the moment. I know i will look back on this stage and think how the hell did i let myself get in that state?

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When I am sober I run. As you can see from the large gap in blog posts my Liver has been having a rough time.

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Seeing as this is a running blog i went for a run this morning and this is a post to say i just did a run.

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