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Following a very loose running schedule today called for a very easy 4 miles. This kind of implies that i can change gear and go faster if the schedule says so. At the moment i have one speed and that is slow. Nevertheless it was nice to run slowly because i had to.

This weeks efforts.

A total of 15.80 Miles not bad for a fat bloater.

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Hill Reps and Pain

Yesterday evening i set off with the intention of having a really good hill session in the spirit of trying to diversify the type of running sessions i do. The hill is about 250 meters long and when i got there i stood at the bottom with gritted teeth and determination saying to myself “right! 10 of these” 5 reps later i was on my way home with my tail between my legs. Lets give that another go in a week or so.

Had to work this morning so when i got back i went for a 3 miler down the beech. Windy.



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Cygnett sports armband

Just before Christmas i was kindly sent a  Cygnett sports armband which holds the iPhone and iPod. It holds the HTC Desire just as well. Its black and it has an adjustable Velcro strap which sits comfortably on the arm. I was slightly concerned that it may slip down after a few miles running but it sits there quite firmly. You can still use the touchscreen through the clear plastic window with no problems at all. It is now a part of my running kit when i take my phone out to record runs using the GPS. I have been converted from using a Garmin GPS to using my phone for a few reasons.

  1. Phone has a good Camera for the outdoor shot
  2. GPS software is updated regularly and tracks quickly
  3. Loads of running stats websites to Auto upload on WiFi when I’m in  the shower.
  4. No more MP3 Player. Music from the phone. (used to look like i was running with spaghetti)
  5. I have my phone on me in case the Prime Minister needs me



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Sheep Man

After i finished work i went for a run around the quarry. The land around this big hole in the ground is common land and as such Sheep freely walk around wherever they want and that includes just outside my office. Anyway about a mile into this slow run (legs buggered from yesterdays sprints) a country looking farmer type bloke in his 60’s shouted at me “ARE YOU POLISH?”. I looked over myself thinking what could possibly make him think that? i said “no” because i’m not. I said “Why?” he said “i said good afternoon to you and you just ignored me”. After explaining to him that I’m deaf in one ear (I’m not but that’s all i could think of) we got chatting about all his Sheep and how he had lived here all his life. This went on for ages and I’m cutting short all the details to spare you the pain. He went on for a solid 15 minutes with me just nodding like a dick. I was freezing made my excuses and finished the run saying goodbye to Trevor.

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Them Sprints

Despite what all those magazines say there is no easy way to get truly fit. So today instead of mincing about doing a slow run I hit the hill Sprints hard. I found an incline on a quiet country lane and did 15 Sprints of about 200 meters with a rest in between. So painful so very painful which is obviously why I don’t do them that much. Towards the end say about the tenth one it would be very hard to describe them as Sprints.

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Run Walk Run Walk

Is all i can manage at the moment. Running after a serious chest infection is like starting all over again. I really cant manage a few miles without walking every half mile or so. Still coughing up big brown lumps (enjoy your breakfast)

Just have to keep at it. Fuck it!

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My kids are just massive disease bags and as such i have been ill for about a month. The latest thing is a nasty chest infection that has me pole-axed for about a week. I managed to get out on New Years Day for a very gentle 3 miler. We are talking walking pace at the moment but 3 miles is still 3 miles. Im off out now for a quick bimbble down the beech.

Oh Happy New Year!

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