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Loch Maree and hills.

My wife planned a run for me and my brother in-law to do with her this Sunday. She had the maps out a few weeks ago to sort out a trail run for herself in the hills around the town we live in. It started off OK as would any run that is flat and at a sensible pace but this soon turned into a very vertical run that seemed to go on forever. Then it was flatish for about half a mile which took us onto a very dodgy decent where if i had my skis they would have been a great benefit. 6 miles in total We were all hurting the next day.

Did a quick 4 miler around the quarry this afternoon.

Im off with a couple of mates to go Wild Camping and Canadian Canoeing next week in a remote part of the Highlands of Scotland. Loch Maree and the islands on it are to be explored. I will take running kit and hopefully get some miles in with some spectacular scenery. Cant wait!

Loch Maree

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If you look back through this running blog i bet you can find 4 or 5 pictures of this blister. Not this exact one they are all different but always in the same place. It was raining all morning and when i finished work this afternoon the sun came out. So i was desperate to get out for a run but the only trainers i had with me were the ones that do this to my right heel. I had thick walking socks and thought it would be ok. Clearly not the case. It looks worse than what it is.

I went for a circular 4 miler around the quarry. This route is turning into a favourite. I get great views of the Clwydian range to the south. With it being a cross country route i ran into some thorn bushes here and there. In my head i was getting 10 inch deep lacerations to the legs and in all probability would require a top up of blood when i got home.  Wrong again :)

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Sod It!

I was looking out of the window watching the rain come down when a runner came past without a care in the world absolutely soaking and blissfully plodding on. Inspired, i got my kit on and set off with the intention of doing about 6 miles or so. When i got to the 6 mile point i was feeling good and decided to do another 2.

Completed 8 miles in 1h 11mins. So just under 9 minuite / mile. Not to bad but the main thing is i felt good all the way round. A fantastic run in the rain.

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Stats So Far

I am sitting here waiting for the rain to stop so i can for a run. These are the totals for this year so far.


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The Chips Are Down.

I am quite sure that in the “Keeping fit And Improving Running Manual” there is no reference to eating a massive plate of chips covered in mayonnaise and tomato sauce very late at night. Which of course is exactly what i did while watching The Masters on TV. Despite this i got up and went for a run for about an hour. I felt heavy.


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I Hate PHP I Love Running.

Took me ages to transfer my blog to a new host. In the process i lost about 2 months of posts. I am not to bothered about that to be honest. It’s not world changing stuff and far from anything vital. I keep a record of my runs from the GPS etc so i never lose that stuff.

I have had to make Word-press a bit more secure after getting some Mal-ware in some files. So if you find it blocking you for whatever reason let me know via Twitter.

I have been out for a few runs. Yesterdays 3.5 miles was bloody freezing in the hills. Good to be back up and running (badddoom cha!)

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Getting there. Just need to upload some archive stuff and the blog will be back to some sort of normality. I have been up to my neck in MySQL stuff for a few hours and i find it baffling to be honest.

If things look a little wonky i am trying to sort it out :)

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