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The Watkin Path

This weekend i took my daughter wild camping on the mountains of Snowdonia. We slept out in a loud storm. I wasn’t scared one bit…….cough! We had a great time. While my daughter stayed with a friend who had his son i took the opportunity to go for a run on the hill. It was 4 miles straight up to the place we camped so i ran/fell down to the bottom and slowly (there is no other way) up to the camp. I felt strong and it was a pleasure to go for a run in this environment.


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Early Run

 Got up at 05:40 this morning and realised i wasn’t going to get back to sleep before i had to go to work so naturally i went for a run. It takes about a mile and half to get warmed at this hour of the day. My bones creek and i can never find a natural rhythm but i do enjoy the peace and quiet, i enjoy it immensely and that is the only reason i can motivate myself to do running at this time. It is nice to roll into work fresh after a shower, wide awake and feeling good.

I have had no alcohol for about 3 weeks now and the benefits of that are really noticeable. So much more energy and eating a balanced diet as opposed to stuffing greasy things down my neck with a mild hangover. It’s obvious i know but such a rarity it needs to be noted just for my own sanity.


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7 painful miles

I have started to play football with some lads on a Thursday evening. They run rings round me while i use it as a good excuse to do a bit of cross training and get some cardiovascular work in. The pain i am the next day is horrendous. Bad back sore legs etc but it’s good to do something a bit different i suppose.

Went for a 4 miler on Saturday and pushed myself and with those efforts behind me and not feeling to good i set off on a 7 miler this morning. Being my slow longer run ( i couldn’t go fast if i tried) it hurt all the way.

Always wanting a bit of new kit i have my eyes set on a pair of these New Balance 860 from Northern Runner. I have many pairs of daps now but finding a pair purely for my road training that fit well and don’t cost a fortune has proven a bit of a struggle. Anyway be that as it may i am far from inclined to get into this bare foot stuff. Have you seen the amount of dog crap on the floor?

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London 2012 Olympics Wenlock Mascot

Say hello to one of the characters that are the official London Olympic Mascot. With less than 2 weeks ago i can’t wait for it to start and grumpy friends who a few months ago were moaning about the cost etc are starting to show little flickers of excitement. I had to read up about the mascots because i had no idea who Wenlock was and where it came from. It turns out the story behind it is more than a dreary idea thought up by London types using buzz words.

The two characters are named after Much Wenlock in Shropshire, the village that hosted a precursor to the Olympics in the 19th century, and Stoke Mandeville hospital (I spent time there when i was a kid with a severe Asthma attack. I met Jimmy Saville ), the birthplace of the Paralympic Games. Each mascot also sports a yellow light atop its head, as a reference to London’s black cabs, and the Olympic Rings get a nod via Wenlock’s bracelets.

I like it but the true test is whether the kids like it and when i opened it from its post wrapping there was a huge “OH WOW!!!” from the 7 year old and the 3 year old. Yep it’s cool!


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Loads of Running

I have been training really well lately. The weekly mileage has gone up and as you can see the blogging has got less. No obvious reason it’s the way it is. Went for a nice 6 miler on Sunday followed by a hilly 4 miler after work. I saw a sheep about 7 or 8 meters directly in from of me having a massive piss and it looked at me in the eye throughout the whole process. That is what stood out on that otherwise mundane, routine run.

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4 Miles

A quick 4 miler today in the sunshine followed by me as a parent slowly introducing the kids to some athletics at a local club. 8 year old humans are quicker than me by miles.

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