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Mizuno Wave Riders

A pair of Mizuno Wave Riders arrived a few weeks ago to try out. They came from this quality website over at Up and Running, who always have a good collection of trainers. It’s always nice to get shiny new trainers. I opened the box in front of my kids and after we all spent a few minutes taking in that wonderful new trainer odour we all agreed that these look fantastic. Now I didn’t get the scales out but these feel really light compared to other shoes I have, and I am sure I will be corrected later on. I don’t usually go for a longish run with a new pair trainers in case they have a slightly awkward fit and I end up with blisters (as has happened in the past), but I was very confident after putting these on that they would be fine. They were snug and felt stable. My first run was a 6 miler down the beach and I had no problems with them at all. I don’t know if it’s the psychological effect of new trainers but it felt like I was bounding along at a great pace with these. They are a firm favourite of mine out of the growing collection, and I am sure they will-be for a long time. So after a few weeks of good running in them they still have that fresh feel and I will be entering them in their first race in a couple of weeks’ time, in an off road/ on road 10km.

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Halkyn Mountain

It’s not a mountain but every hill in Wales is a mountain if it’s higher than where you are at that moment in time. This is where i went for a quick 3 mile run this afternoon after work. Very hot and sweaty. See that road? that hill never ends. The 2 dimensions of the picture are telling lies it is steep and so long.


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Jabra Ear Phones

I got sent these ear phones to try out. I do listen to music on most of my runs and go through ear phones like Pringle Crisps. I don’t eat them i just can’t think of a clever and witty analogy at the moment. Anyway they are very comfortable it turns out i a have a large ear because they come with  3 sets of rubber ear bud sizes and mine fit the huge ones. They have “noise isolating feature” which is supposed to block out the wind but i couldn’t tell either way probably because i don’t gain enough speed to have that problem. You can take calls etc . The left side is shorter than the right ….why? no idea but that’s going to keep me awake at night. Thinking about it, probably easier to dangle when you have to take it out to listen to some one else talking.

I use them with my Android Phone and the quality is good. I like them they work well and above all are very comfortable.

I don’t get paid to review this stuff they just send me them to try out btw.

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It is so nice to get back to running after a month of unabashed debauchery. Got up at 6 o’clock this morning and by 5 past i was out running. Went down to the beach and in the hills fora 4 miler. I got back and everyone was up and after a quick shower me and the daughter made some sausage sandwiches and went for a bike ride. A great way to start the day. Now i have to cut the grass. All good things come to an end.


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