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Pear Shaped

With the really nice weather we had for a few days i was forced……forced! to get the BBQ on the go and of course that means a bit of drinking so last weekend i only managed a quick 3 miler in the midst of a meat, sun and drink binge. So this week is going to be full self punishment and guilt ridden running. I went out for few miles yesterday and today i managed a 3 miler in the hills.

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360 Calories Burnt

The novelty of running here in this beautiful environment still hasn’t worn off and i don’t think it ever will. Even in the depths of a cold wet winter i still love squelching around in the mud when i go for a run. That quarry is the one i endlessly mention on most of my mid week runs. Its 300 million year old carboniferous limestone rock and there is only about 20 years of it left to go. So when it runs out i’m going to have to look for somewhere else to run. 3.6 miles in the bag.

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I set out this morning to do a good old fashioned Sunday long, slow plod but instead it turned into a sweaty hard 4 miler with a bloody headache. Never mind it was full blue sky’s and no one beeped at me today.



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I run mostly because i eat like a horse. A horse that eats shit food and drinks to much. So i have given up the booze for awhile and started eating better food. I really do like healthy clean food and i do actually cook just about everything i eat. Its the quantity thats the problem. I have started using an App called My Fitness Pal. I'm pretty sure if you have any interest in these matters you would have heard of it if not then im going to do a post on it soon. I have used it on and off so far but when i do use it i find it really does work in an effort to lose a few pounds.

This afternoons lunch.



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A beautiful morning to go for a plod down to the beach. I got beeped at by an idiot on my way back. You have reached the very apex twatness if you find it necessary to beep your horn at someone out running.

saturday morning run


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