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Shoe Inserts, Insoles, Simply Feet.

Some athletes need support and an insert for the running shoe if they are prone to overuse injuries, or have back,knee or foot pain. Running insoles are ideal for some athletes suffering from these conditions.
About once a year i goto a sports shop that sell great trainers and they get you on a treadmill and make a video recording of your running style to see if you have any adverse pronation or bad alignment. A friend of mine who i sometimes run with uses arch supports in his shoe and he swears by them. Simply feet provide runners with a good variety of insoles. If your suffering from back pain when you run then this can be an indicator to unbalanced running style and this may help.


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I did an hour on the treadmill over the weekend. Man that thing is boring. I know i keep going on about it but it is!!
I managed anothe 4 miler after work today in what is great weather for this time of the year. I got a little chase from an equally little dog during the run. This has to qualify as the fastest i have run in ages.

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Run Faster By Sleeping Longer

Even though we spend approximately a third of our lives in bed, we can still find it difficult to nod off. As an athlete, the benefits of a good night’s sleep go much further than just feeling refreshed. Here are just three reasons to get yourself to bed earlier.

It improves your recovery rate

After a particular intensive workout, your body needs time to recover, so that you can feel the benefits. It does this during the deepest stages of sleep. The body will release HGH – the human growth hormone – to repair damaged tissue and develop stronger muscles. It also controls our metabolism by converting fat into fuel and keeping our weight under control.
If you’re having difficulty sleeping and find yourself waking up easily, your body isn’t getting the chance to produce as much HGH as it should. All that hard work spent training could be for nothing if you’re not allowing yourself enough time to recover.
A good way to monitor your sleeping patterns is to use a mobile app like Sleep Cycle. It will track your movement during the night and report back on how well you slept. The level of sleep you require per night varies from person to person: what’s more important is that you sleep deep enough to benefit from the restorative processes.

It improves your water reabsorption

Whilst we slumber, our kidneys work hard to balance sodium, water and other electrolyte levels. If there isn’t enough water in the body, our kidneys can’t perform this job properly. You should try to drink water before bed and avoid dehydrating beverages that contain caffeine like tea, coffee and energy drinks.
Starting the day well-hydrated is especially important when you’re running in hotter weather: you’ll sweat more and become dehydrated quicker in these conditions.
However, getting a decent amount of sleep each night is easier said than done – especially if you’re nervous about a big race. Try to develop a consistent bedtime routine and make your room as inviting as possible. Buy a better mattress, get comfier pillows or try sleeping tablets if that’s what it takes. Medicines2u has a varied selection of sleeping remedies that can help.

It will keep you calm

Another negative side effect of sleep deprivation is the increased levels of cortisol in your bloodstream. Often referred to as ‘the stress hormone”, cortisol can also slow your recovery times and leave you feeling demotivated and irritable while you exercise. Sleeping properly before a race will give you the concentration and positivity to break through any mental walls in your way.

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A Race

I have entered the Flintshire 10km which I did a couple of years ago. Just need a quick goal to get me more motivated and my arse outside running. The treadmill is OK but I need fresh air when I run. Went for a foggy 4 miler this afternoon. It looked cold wet from my office but out running it was humid. More amazing local weather facts to come.

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