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That Sunday Run

Got up first thing to a cold morning and went for another 4 miler this time down the beach. After a solid week of not feeling well I’m slowly getting some of my strength back and as a result feeling a little better on my runs.


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Tough Coach

Just got back from a 4 mile run where my 9 year old daughter coached me from her mountain bike. We have done this a few times and every time it is hard going for me at least. She loves it ” come on dad you need to burn that fat ” is one of her favourite fitness tips. Very helpful indeed.
Fitness tips

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Look away now if you are expecting a happy clappy cheery post. Been feeling rough all day. That sort of got a cold coming on rough. So in my logical wisdom I thought it would be a good idea to go for a run anyway. Wincing with every step I took as I pounded away and the pain shot through my thick skull I managed to do about 2.5 miles and felt very sick. Now I'm tucked away after a long hot shower with a cup of tea feeling sorry for myself.

Never run when you feel ill. I have written that statement many times. Stupidity persists.

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Soggy, cold, dirty and tired.

The 4 mile run I did this afternoon was like a cross country run from a 1970s secondary school. It was dull and wet with a biting wind. Of course I’m not moaning it’s always good to get out but for the first few minutes it was euchhhh!


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