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I’m going up North for some winter Kayaking and Camping. Going to have a cheeky look at the Glencoe Marathon route. Seee you when i get back.

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7 Minute Workout

When I was in the Army many moons ago this sort of workout was simply referred to as a beasting and to be honest it still is. This has been quite popular for awhile now. In an effort to do something different I grabbed a chair and a cushion went into the kitchen with the ipad and proceeded to get beasted by an electronic devise. I was sweating profusely at the 7 minute mark then pressed reset and did another 7. I think I will recover sometime in the next few months.


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Salomon XA Pro 3D

Cotswold Outdoor let me have a chance to try out these trail running shoe. A new and exclusive part of their product range. Salomon have a great reputation for this type of gear with an extensive history in the field of trail running shoes. I have probably owned about 4 pairs in the last 10 years and all of them (if i give them a scrub) are still usable. When i opened the box the first thing that struck me was how robust they felt. I know that sounds like marketing talk but they really did feel solid. The front toe looks like it’s been designed by a modern tank engineer and you clearly see and feel that robustness thought the whole structure of the shoe. These are going to last years.

Putting them on they felt quite tight compared to a normal running shoe but this is always the case with trail shoes because of the tougher build. They do need some breaking in. This secure fit is designed into the shoe and Salomon are calling it Sensifit. It also has a quicklace construction which is obviously great for transition events.

To do them justice i took them out on an 8 miler across some tough terain in the local hills of North Wales. I had no problems with them at all. They gave me confidence on the slippery mud and felt equally good on the tarmac. I can see these becoming a firm favourite of mine in the future. The real test though is after a few weeks use so i will report back my findings.

Im off to Scotland in 2 weeks for some outdoor adventures in Glen Coe. These are at the top of my kit list.




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H2 Glow

Just before the holidays i got this funky looking bottle from H2Glow so during the few runs i did over the holiday period i took it out with me. I will usually only take fluids with me on a run if im going anything over 5 miles. I used to take a camel pack but found them to move around to much and a lot of the bottles on the market for runners i find to be to big for the ammount i do. I hate wearing those bum bag type things so this seemed like a good option. Fits nicely in the hand but the best thing it about especially this time of year with the dark mornings it has a variable LED light which blasts off a great pulse of light to make sure you are seen ,very reflective and does the job nicely.


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