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I am going to a wedding today so Sunday is out of action.

A very satisfying week of training. it’s been a long time since i have put in a consistent run of….well….running. The 3 miler (in the hills) i did on Friday was the fittest i have felt in months. It’s amazing how quickly it comes back. Equally amazing how quickly it fades. Twice as fast in my case.


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Alwen Reservoir Part Two

It’s been about 2 years since i last ran around this reservoir in the hills of North Wales. i forgot how hilly it is. Consistently undulating without any flat bits to chill out on. I didn’t see a soul while i was plodding for just over an hour in the sunshine and cool breeze. Enjoying running again.



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To fast slow down.

I went for 5 miler this afternoon. 5 MILES!!! I remember the days when this was a nice short distance for me now it’s quite an achievement and i suppose thats the beatuy of running. Its the gift that keeps on giving. Ha Ha no it’s not its frustrating and hard and that’s the true beauty of running. I made a conscious effort to go at a slow pace so I could just simply enjoy it. I post my runs on Strava which a few of my mates follow. They run themselves and because we are quite competitive stupid we tend to run to try to match each other’s pace. This is just making me fatigued so this has stopped now. Back to running for pleasure.


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Another 4 miler today. I took in a different route and yet I got nearly exactly the same results in terms of pace and time as yesterday’s run. Anyway still tired and lethargic but I can feel myself starting to condition. It’s a bank holiday weekend this weekend in the UK and the temptation to drink is quite powerful. I need to start knitting or something to fill in the hours in the evening.


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Heavy Running Legs

In the storeroom for human limbs my legs can be found on the Rugby stockpile. My legs were not designed for running anything over 60 meters. I went for a hilly, muddy post work 4 miler this afternoon and my lower limbs felt like they look. It rained a lot which I don’t mind but it did add to the overall misery of this slog.


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