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Sea Fog

A very hot, hilly and slow 5 miler this afternoon. The route is done in a couple of laps so on the first leg i planted my water bottle in a strategic position to save me carrying it around the whole run. It was so hot this afternoon that i took 2 litres with me. Drank the lot.

This is some sea fog coming in off the Irish Sea. Taken this afternoon.


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Daughter Shouty

This morning i went for a 4 miler with my daughter on her bike shouting giving me encouragement. It’s a pleasure having a nine year old saying stuff like “is this as fas as you can go dad?”Still she’s great at carrying all the water.


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Theme Change Same Old Running

Had a stinky cold the last few days. No running. I managed to get out in the sunshine today for a small 3 miler. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I came home had a shower and decided to update the blog and found all sorts of horrible errors that made no sense to me at all. So i managed to fix it and it turns out it’s the theme. This i can’t update so I’m going to change it soon.

Screenshot 2014-06-11 18.54.16

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