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Yesterday I went for a 3 miler after Sundays 20 miles. My legs felt deeply sore and I was thinking about giving it a rest for another day. The first mile or so was horendous and it would have probably been quite amusing to watch me hobbling about like the earth I was running on was molten lava. Once I had warmed up I felt ok and started to enjoy it but the 20 miles in my legs was always apparant.

Today I went for a 4 miler and while I wasn't so sore the energy was only there in spurts so I turned what was supposed to be a 5 miler into a sort of hills, fartlek session. It was a hot day and this probably did me more good than a longer run.

The reality of running another marathon is starting to make me feel nervous. I'm going to be honest I will be glad when this is all over. It makes those 10km races feel like a light training session.


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20 Miler

Went for a 20 miler today along the North Wales Coast. The weather was great and the route is fairly flat. This however didn't stop it from being easy by any stretch of the imagination. I ran it with some friends who are doing the Snowdon Marathon in October. We were also joined by my wife and my friends wife at the 10 mile point which gave us a welcome break for a few minutes of hydration and fuel.

At 15 miles I found it really tough going with the last 5 just being a hazy painfull blur. Needed to do it though and I feel fine now.




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How far do you need to run to train for a race?

I read an article today about the amount of mileage people should be running when training for various events. of course everyone is different and it depends on your goals. if you a want fast time in a 10km or you just want to finish the race, the amount of miles are going to vary quite considerably. I looked at the Marathon and for us mere mortals it suggests 30-50 miles a week. I have been doing about 17 to 25 with the odd 30 miles a week here and there. So I was pleased to read this. Then I looked on other sites and some people were saying anything from 20 to 100 miles a week. Not exactly a scientific study but I found it interesting none the less.

I think just staying injury free throughout training is key and not overdoing it. I find not overdoing it quite easy.

Runner  Miles per week
Elite   70-80
Mortal  20-25

Runner  Miles per week
Elite   80-100
Mortal  25-30

Half Marathon
Runner  Miles per week
Elite   100-110
Mortal  30-40

Runner  Miles per week
Elite   100-140
Mortal  30-50

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Its only 5 weeks until the start of the Glencoe Marathon. It was 5 minutes ago i started training for this run. I would like to have a short race, say 3 miles against myself from when i first started just to see what the gap would be. It would be interesting to see if i punch myself when i start laughing at me wheezing across the finish line.

I am going to run 20 miles this weekend with friends who are training for the Snowdon Marathon. My wife is joining us at the 10 mile point. It’s a flat course and the weather looks ok. I have Steak sandwiches and a couple of cold beers planned for the finish. You gotta have goals.

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