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Cold Run

This is the first run of this winter where I let out a little YELP! as I clambered out of my van to go for a run in the hills. The reason for this uncontrollable wimpy noise was because of the cold. Up here in the high grounds of North Wales it tends to be a few degrees colder than other places and with the wind it’s just not sociable. That or my old body just can’t hack it anymore.

A pleasant 3 miles unfolded after the yelp. I need to get some trail running shoes because I was all over the place in the mud.


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A Run With A Friend

Went for a six miler this morning along the beach front with a mate of mine who recently finished The Snowdon Marathon in under 3.5 hours. Cold and crisp with no wind, perfect for a nice Sunday plod. Always a pleasure to run with someone else.

run with rob

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Happy New Year!

I had a great 2014 with regards to running. I never thought I would finish another marathon and with a sprinkling of half marathons used as training runs the last 12 months were some of the best fun I have had running in years. This year…………well I am undecided. I don't know if I want to commit myself to doing another marathon.

Anyway whatever happens I'm looking forward to it. I stayed off the booze and away from the celerbrations last night. My kids were tired I was tired and we just sacked it. Got up early and went for a 3 miler this morning in the howling wind down the beach front.

Happy New Year I hope you have a happy healthy 2015.

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