3 Miler 1 Friendly Dog Walker

I tend to avoid dogs I have been bitten a couple of times while out running and I just end up going mental at the owner. So to avoid that i just keep away as much as I can. Today I went for a run out in the sticks and it’s quite hilly just as I came to a crest of one of the hills I was greeted by a beaming lady with 3 dogs. No idea what type but small and yappy. She said hello as I went past and I said hello back but she said something else which caused me to stop. I explained I couldn’t quite make out what she said. She went on to say that she often sees me out running and was wondering how far I run? We chatted about running and it turns out she was a runner in her younger days. She genuinely missed it and said she was jealous when she sees runners like myself out plodding around. She can’t run now due to ill-health but for the rest of that run I couldn’t stop thinking about what she said. It made me realise how much I just take this for granted and in fact moan about it a lot.


I’m very lucky I can run. Even if it is slow and hard. I can still run.