4 Broken Ribs

I went to Gisburn Forest to do some mountain biking with some mates from work. The route is quite technical and I was actually having a great time up until 6 miles in. We had just climbed a steep hill to set us up for a jump section. Off I went. After a couple of turns the downhill jumps started. After about 3 jumps it was clear I was going to fast and on the final one I went to high had the wrong line and bailed out. I landed on my right upper back and was severely winded for about 5 minutes. I have never been winded like that before. I couldn’t breathe and I started to panic when no air could fill my lungs. When I did manage to get the slightest wisp of oxygen it hurt like hell.

I could feel a crunching sensation just under my right shoulder and knew I had broken something. Luckily a doctor was out on her mountain bike and stopped to help. She checked my spine etc and told me to get my arse to hospital. I went and had an X-Ray and they found multiple fractures on my right rear ribs.

So here I am typing this and thinking about recovery. I have been told it can take up to six weeks to fully recover but I can see myself getting back on the bike within 2 weeks or so. The healing process after a couple of days seems to be going well.


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