7 painful miles

I have started to play football with some lads on a Thursday evening. They run rings round me while i use it as a good excuse to do a bit of cross training and get some cardiovascular work in. The pain i am the next day is horrendous. Bad back sore legs etc but it’s good to do something a bit different i suppose.

Went for a 4 miler on Saturday and pushed myself and with those efforts behind me and not feeling to good i set off on a 7 miler this morning. Being my slow longer run ( i couldn’t go fast if i tried) it hurt all the way.

Always wanting a bit of new kit i have my eyes set on a pair of these New Balance 860 from Northern Runner. I have many pairs of daps now but finding a pair purely for my road training that fit well and don’t cost a fortune has proven a bit of a struggle. Anyway be that as it may i am far from inclined to get into this bare foot stuff. Have you seen the amount of dog crap on the floor?