Adidas Boost

I was a bit peeved that Haile Gebrselassie got his free pair of Adidas boost before me. What has he ever done for running? :)

Anyway. So i have run about 26 miles (not in one go i might add) and i found the claim that they bounce back higher than other trainers hard to prove in normal everyday running but they are comfortable and they did not give any sore points which i usually get from new trainers especially on the left toe.
I personally don’t think they look great but that’s just an aesthetic thing and not so important on my list of priorities for a trainer. Ny daughter thinks they look “well cool” what do i know hey? One other small gripe is that i found the sizes to be wrong. When i opened the box it said they were size 11. When i tried them on i found they were quite snug. Now my feet haven’t swollen up and my other size 10 trainers fit perfectly fine unless i got a beta version of the trainers i can see that being a bit of a problem down the line so to speak.