On Sunday I went for a 14 miler with a mate around the Alwen Dam. I haven't run double figures for ages and the day before I did a 10 miler in the hills on my mountain bike. Needless to say I was fucked by the 10 mile point. I couldn't do the last mile so I walked. My mate went on and finished the run in good shape. I wasn't disappointed as I really enjoyed it and know I will do better next time with some proper rest.

I have been trying out these Adidas Ultra Boosts over the last few weeks. First of all I think they look great. The one system cushioning on this shoe is a nice change to some of the overcomplicated gear that has been flooding the market. Adidas have really mastered the Boost system from the stuff they were doing a couple of years ago. When I run I usually land on the heel but found myself striking more from the midsole with these. This had a more comfortable and positive feel. When you pull the trainers on they fit over the foot like a reinforced sock. Naturally squeezing and supporting the foot. I like the way they have put the Adidas stripes in a cage that then fits around this sock …………..thing.

Overall these are high quality running trainers. I would only wear these on the road as I was slipping all over the place when I went off the beaten track but they weren't designed for that sort of use.