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Anyone with a running or cycling app will have heard of Relive (you have now). When I first started this blog back in 2008 I used to post, write and record every run, every day that I did. I would take the time to copy and paste my run into paint and carefully edit the image to upload to my blog.  Nowadays we have stuff like this.

This is my afternoon run.

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Salomon X Ultra LTR GTX Men’s Hiking Shoes

These great looking trail shoes arrived in my front porch last weekend. As soon as I got my grubby hands on them I could feel the quality and more importantly the strength in them. These are built for proper trails. They were comfortable on my feet straight out of the box. They had some slight tension in them but this was balanced throughout the shoe and will break in with little effort.

I took them for trial in and around Llyn Padarn In Snowdonia where there are some undulating trails but nothing to extreme (recovering from a bad running injury) The grips were fantastic (Contragrip sole) on the wet rocks on what was a showery day. No slips and I felt confident on the steeper gradients. The toe cap and heal provide plenty of protection and stability without being built like a tank.

Salomon shoes tighten via a single-pull tab they call this “Quicklace” and I have used the same system on a pair of trail running shoes made by the same company. You pull the tab to tighten and then tuck it all away in a pocket on the tongue. It works really well and It has never let me down.

Gore Tex lined so no problems with waterproofing. These shoes are ideal for the trails but if I was carrying quite a bit of weight in a rucksack I would go for a boot. These shoes are wonderfully comfortable and I know they will last me for  years.

Stocked here at Milletsports

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10 thousand step challenge

The place I work has recently been focusing on the health side to health and safety at work and as such some initiatives have been put into place to promote this. We now get free fruit on a daily basis and it has to be said a large variety of top of the range stuff and some I have never tried, Dragon Fruit anyone?

We have for the last month been given some posh pedometers and taken part in a 10000 step daily challenge. I have just collected the figures for all the guys at work and everyone has smashed that challenge with an average of 15000 a day! The eye opener for me was how little movement I did in the day apart from running. A lot of the people at work have decided to continue doing it.

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Junior Run Club

The sessions we coach at Junior Run Club are always uplifting and fun. After the kids did a hard session where everyone put lots of effort in we did some wheelbarrow races. I haven’t done these in well over 20 years. These were made all the more difficult by my horrific giggling. When the weather is good we always get out of the gym and head for the track. This below is a typical GPS track of our session, consisting of warm up,  300-meter sprints, 100-meter relay and the wheelbarrow race……of course.



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Weights and Running

I haven’t lifted a single bit of weight lifting equipment for years. I don’t do many press ups ,pull ups and sit ups and by many I mean none at all. This is the reason I have well defined legs and an upper body of a sloth.

I recently went on a health and wellbeing course at work which was not as horrendous as it sounds. It was delivered by a professional training team and best of all we didn’t have to do any role playing. I didn’t go to RADA that’s why I work in a quarry.

They took us through a height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, body fat you name it examination with lots of high tech kit. At the end of this you got a printout of all the details. It turns out I have a metabolic age of 51 I’m actually 44. This was because of my weight and overall body fat.
So now I own weights with a bench and I have a plan to reduce the body fat and build muscle to improve my metabolism and stop being a fat shit. This combined with smaller portions of food along with my running should do the trick.

I will keep you posted.

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My wife is a Welsh Athletics Coach and has a junior run club on Wednesdays and a junior athletics club on Thursdays. Her assistant coach has recently retired and I have now stepped into the breach. I have had so much fun doing this that I am now looking at doing it long term. The kids enthusiasm is inspiring. This has had such a positive effect on me, I wish I had done this years ago.

I’m now booked onto some courses to get me qualified and doing various workshops to gain proper experience. It’s been a long time since I have done any throwing and jumping.


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Under Armor – Speedform Turbulence Review

This is the first time I have tried a pair of Under Armor trainers. The mens Speedform Turbulence shoe is made with high quality materials showing Under Armor are serious about getting into the running shoe market. The first thing I noticed when I pulled them out of the box was how lightweight they are. The weight does not reflect how strong the shoe is constructed. The upper is made of UA SpeedForm® technology with a dual layer mid-sole. I really like this part of the trainer because it feels firm without any soft spots giving it a nice bounce on each stride. The sock liner construction that lots of modern shoes are made of these days really helps with breath ability. These trainers are going to be my go to shoe for this coming summer. A lot of trainers I have owned in the past have a metal insert in the back of the heel. After about 200 miles of running it gets exposed and that is the end of life for those particular shoes. The Under Armor trainer doesn’t have that so I can feel confident I am going to get some good mileage out of these.

All of the above make up for a great trainer that is already my firm favorite. I got these trainers from Get The Label where they have a great selection of trainers and a large variety of brands.

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Nick Beer 10km Race and New Trainers

These trainers arrived on my doorstep on Friday from These are Under Armour
Mens Speedform Turbulence Running Shoes. I needed a pair of road trainers. These are my first Under Armour running shoes. I have a lot of this brands gear now and I like the quality. However it must look like Under Armour are sponsoring slightly overweight middle age men when people see me out training.

Anyway this weekend was the 25th anniversary of the Nick Beer 10km road race around the Great Orme in North Wales. So this was a perfect opportunity to try these trainers out in that race. They do say you shouldn’t use new trainers in a race but these were so comfortable the moment I put them on. They performed superbly in that I never even thought about any discomfort throughout the whole race. I’m going to give it a few weeks before I do a full review but so far so good.

The race was great. The wind came in and joined the great atmosphere as did the cold. I got under the hour mark with a 53.20 and was pleased with that.

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