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16 Week Marathon Training Plan

The date of my first marathon in 2017 is 12 weeks away from the 1st of January. So I have to start…! I use these long schedules as a framework to base my training around. I have learnt over the years that I cannot comply with the schedule exactly because life will, of course, get in the way. I am going to  catch a cold in those 12 weeks or some sort of injury. Something will  get in the way and I will miss sessions. I don’t try to catch up by doubling up on a session, I pick up where I am and carry on.

Below is the basic framework of my schedule. Although this is a 16-week plan, I have been training and will continue to train throughout December anyway. On some of the days off, I will cross train with some swimming sessions and circuit training. I’m at the stage where I  need to rest between runs because of fatigue and general wear and tear.

I’m looking forward to a great start to the New Year.


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Running Medals T-Shirts and Stuff

All runners eventually build up a good stash of medals. I have always put mine in a basket that sits on a high shelf in the kitchen. Recently I got them out. I also have a lot of t-shirts and I use them for training runs. In another cupboard in the kitchen I keep the mugs you get in some races.

The hardest earned medal or the most I have suffered in a race medal is the worst one. It’s made of wood. Feels cheap and it’s to big. This was for the Glen Coe Marathon. My favourite is also a non medal. It’s a round piece of slate that I got for the Snowdon Marathon.

I’m going to get out all my t-shirts and wear them all along with the medals to my next race…………I’m not.

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Cold Days Running.

This has to be the perfect weather for trail running in. It’s cold, no wind and the ground is slightly frozen. After work, the sun is about to set and I managed to squeeze in a quick 3 miler. It may have been short but this is one of the best runs I have done this year.

  • This Month – 65.4 Miles
  • This Year – 550.3 Miles



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Why wearing the right footwear is important during a workout

If you’ve ever been tempted to save money by buying those bargain trainers at the supermarket along with your pint of milk, then you might want to read on. However you choose to keep fit – by running, walking, or just putting in cardio and weight hours at the gym – a proper sports shoe is essential.

You’ve probably had blisters from walking even short distances in ill-fitting shoes, but inadequate sports shoes can go beyond blisters and cause damage to your feet and ankles. If you don’t want to completely derail your fitness regime, it’s time to go shoe-shopping.

All shoes are not created equal; if you’re a runner, look for a running shoe that has inbuilt shock absorbers, and look for runners’ socks as well, with compression support around the instep and a double layer that won’t irritate your toes and heels. For exercise classes with a high aerobic content, look for lightweight shoes which will cushion your feet and stop them getting tired. If you vary your workouts to incorporate a lot of different exercise types and sports, look for shoes specifically designed to protect your feet and ankles in a multitude of ways. Walkers are also a special case; the type of terrain you exercise on the most will determine whether you’re looking for a supportive trainer or a proper walking shoe or even boot.

As with any other shoe, go shopping for your workout footwear late in the day, as that’s when your feet are largest, and don’t forget to take a pair of sports socks with you so that you’re getting the same foot feel as when you exercise. Unless you’re looking for a martial arts shoe, make sure the sole isn’t too flexible, otherwise you won’t get adequate support from it. Also, your shoes won’t last forever – if you’re working out three to four times a week, your sports shoes are getting quite a hammering. A good rule of thumb is to replace them twice a year.

Foot injuries don’t just come through poor-fitting sports shoes; it could be that you have underlying issues – even just corns, calluses and bunions – that are exacerbated by the wrong kind of shoe, and need more than just a few corn plasters and a trip to a podiatrist. If you have other musculoskeletal issues, such as patches of arthritis, or back pain, you might be even more in need of specialist advice. However, it’s not always easy to get to see your doctor at a convenient time, and then you might have to wait even longer to see a specialist, seriously cutting into not just your everyday workout regime, but your day to day comfort as well.

To get back to your best as soon as possible, book an appointment at the LBH orthopaedics department. Limiting the time from initial assessment to treatment combined with good advice on recovery will ensure that you avoid future problems.

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Slow Twitch Muscle Fibre. Sunday 7.

Training for the Kielder Forest Night Marathon started today. I have been reading about training at different paces to enable targeting specific muscle groups. I have largely ignored this to my own peril. That ignorance becomes evident whenever I do any sort of endurance race or training. Finally, the penny drops.

So today I went for a slowish plod around the Alwen Dam. Probably one of the most enjoyable runs I have had in years. There is a massive hill at the halfway point and I cruised up this. Usually, I would be blowing out of my arse on this incline. I know I have to mix the runs up with regards to pace but I am my own worst enemy and a complete hypocrite when It comes to training advice. I can talk a good game but I never actually do it. So this hopefully is the start of a more focused and smart training.


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Food, Running, Weight Loss and The New World Order

I am writing this just after the U.S voted in Donald Trump.  The subject matter while essential for the existence of human life does seems to pale into insignificance when compared to the change in the new world order.

Food. The only time I lost a significant amount of weight was when I  counted the calories going into my body. I weighed all my food and noted everything down. I combined this with running and in a  short amount of time the fat started to drop off. The rest of the time I have  been deluding myself into thinking that whatever I eat I just burn off through lots of running. I know this yet I still stuff a white bread, processed cheese with salted peanuts covered in chill sauce sandwich down my neck at the same time saying in my head “I need the carbs”.

So with that in mind I have gone back to the tedium of weighing food and noting the exact amounts I shovel in my face. So I’m going to add a page to show what I’m putting in my system. You will be pleased to hear I won’t be making notes of what comes out. This is more for my own motivational purposes because like this blog about running, It is a tool that makes me run. So like a small side blog I’m going to note and list my intake.

Donald Trump! Ffs!

  • This Month – 19.5 Miles
  • This Year – 504.5 Miles
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Delemere Forest 10km Night Run 2016

A man ran this race in a mankini and I laughed like a fucking drain. You could hear the laughing coming through the crowd as he made his way to the front of the start line during the bullshit briefing. It was cold. UK cold, just below 10. Dark hence the night run. I ran a half marathon here a few weeks ago and I died. I was looking forward to this. I love running at night. The crowd was buzzing, the atmosphere was great. Then they made us run up a massive hill at the 4 mile point. It’s called Pale Hill or Old Pale Hill but we all know it’s an elevated every meter is a fucker to run up hill. That’s what it was.

The medals are always great from these events and I loved every mile. I am going to try to get my body in shape so I can don a mankini in a race before I die.

  • This Month – 16.5 Miles
  • This Year – 501.4 Miles


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My wife has recently completed her first full marathon. In preparation for an event where she will run The North Wales Coastal Path, this will be three marathons in three days. You can check out her blog here.


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