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Penrhyn Castle

Just got back from Penrhyn Castle. Nearly got recruited into the National Trust to fix and repair footpaths in Snowdonia.

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Another pause for the cause. Back to it this morning. I went for a 6 miler and it hurt like hell. I felt great afterwards though.

We’re all going to a Castle today just up the coast if my legs can manage it.

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Cor Blimey!

I’m still running. Sorry about the lack of posts i don’t even get a chance to watch the Simpsons these days. Work is sucking big time. I have to work with aggregates and i spend most of my day kind of pan handling granite in the lab. It’s tedious to say the least. I work in a new area of North Wales now near that sticky out bit close to Anglesea.

7 miles today and 4 miles yesterday.

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I’ve managed a couple of 4 milers this week. I say managed because at the moment I’m working extra hours to get some more cash in the house and when i say extra hours i mean “normal” hours as opposed to my usual skiving 3 or 4 hours a day.

It looks like I’m gonna have to cancel running in the Snowdon Marathon this year. I think i have to face up to the fact i bit off more than i can chew. It’s quite a relief to say that because i was putting to much pressure on myself with regards to training. Mind you i saw a race advertised in Runners World magazine this month called the coast to coast which starts on the west coast of Wales through Snowdonia and all the way to the East coast mmmmmmm?……. naaaahhh!

:) have a great weekend.

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First Run

Back running again after taking a short break. I had to take a bit of time off because of the baby, work blah blah it was all to much. So i’m taking it easy with just a few 3 milers and try to get a longer run in over the weekend.

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It is so good to be back running after having over a week of doing nothing. I must admit it was hard to get my arse out there but once i did it changes everything from the way i eat to the energy i have during the day. I know for a fact that without running i would soon turn into a 20 stone lazy monster.

Another 4 miler this morning and then we all went swimming which was great fun. Yes i know i look just great with my Speedo goggles :)

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4 Miler at last.

I promise i will stop bleating on about being up most of the night from now on…………………………..i was up most of the night last night.

I managed to get these legs out and do a 4 miler this morning i feel like i have piled on a few pounds in the week i have done nothing in the form of exercercise. The run went well though.

Best of luck to JogBlog who is doing the 3 peaks challenge this weekend. I hope to see her at the top of Snowdon on Monday.

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I’m gonna try and get out for some sort of run this weekend but getting up 3 or 4 times a night is taking it’s toll on my enthusiasm to go.

Must get my lazy arse out there!

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