I got asked to try out this base-layer top from the people at BAM -Bamboo Clothing. When i was serving in the Infantry  most of the Soldiers are kit monsters in that they want the latest and best outdoor stuff they can get there hands on. When i left the regular Army i held an auction to sell off all my non as issued kit. I made about £1000. Anyway i once had a conversation with a squaddie about all this stuff and when asked, if i was going out on exercise and i could only take one bit of non standard Army kit what would it be? I always said my base-Layer.

BAM asked me to try this out on some runs. It’s not specifically built just for runners but skiing, hiking, expeditions, climbing, camping, kayaking, etc. I have used it about 6 or 7 times and this mornings run was one of them. It works well and has some little details that are very useful like the thumb inlets to draw the material round the hand especially useful when changing tops and not taking your base layer off as you often do on long walks or camping. There site also has lots stylish and more importantly useful clothing.

I have done loads of early runs lately and this top is now one of my favourite running tops i love it. This was taken this morning post 4 mile run.