If you look back through this running blog i bet you can find 4 or 5 pictures of this blister. Not this exact one they are all different but always in the same place. It was raining all morning and when i finished work this afternoon the sun came out. So i was desperate to get out for a run but the only trainers i had with me were the ones that do this to my right heel. I had thick walking socks and thought it would be ok. Clearly not the case. It looks worse than what it is.

I went for a circular 4 miler around the quarry. This route is turning into a favourite. I get great views of the Clwydian range to the south. With it being a cross country route i ran into some thorn bushes here and there. In my head i was getting 10 inch deep lacerations to the legs and in all probability would require a top up of blood when i got home.  Wrong again :)

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