Brenig 10 and Alwen 7

These two bodies of waters high on the Denbigh Hills are great tracks to run around if you ever find yourself in North Wales. I run around the Alwen (7 miler, undulating, bit of a killer if you are not in shape) on a regular basis. It’s a bit of a drive to get to but well worth it. The Brenig is a 10 miler with lots of smallish undulations that slowly become a proper pain in the arse the more you dig deeper into the run. You have the reward of seeing the views of Snowdonia in the distance (more running) all the way round. I have been thinking of combining these two routes into one run. This year I want to do that. 17 miles!!! though euuuchhh I’m just not there right now but if I don’t do that this year I will be bitterly disapointed. I love these places and will run them for many years.