Nick Beer 10km Race and New Trainers

These trainers arrived on my doorstep on Friday from These are Under Armour
Mens Speedform Turbulence Running Shoes. I needed a pair of road trainers. These are my first Under Armour running shoes. I have a lot of this brands gear now and I like the quality. However it must look like Under Armour are sponsoring slightly overweight middle age men when people see me out training.

Anyway this weekend was the 25th anniversary of the Nick Beer 10km road race around the Great Orme in North Wales. So this was a perfect opportunity to try these trainers out in that race. They do say you shouldn’t use new trainers in a race but these were so comfortable the moment I put them on. They performed superbly in that I never even thought about any discomfort throughout the whole race. I’m going to give it a few weeks before I do a full review but so far so good.

The race was great. The wind came in and joined the great atmosphere as did the cold. I got under the hour mark with a 53.20 and was pleased with that.

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Grizdale Night 10km

We made a weekend of this in the Lake District. So during the day we drove over to Lake Grasmere and got the Kayak out for a paddle on this lovely bit of water.

On the way to this race from our cottage we booked in to Ambleside I told my daughter there was a kids 1km race. She said she wanted to do it. She’s not keen on running so I was pleased she wanted to have a go. When we arrived at Grizdales visitor center we could hear a brass band playing Christmas tunes. It was a lovely touch to what is already a great race atmosphere. Everyone with hats and head torches and the odd person dressed as Santa or an Elf.

We ran with the kids. Set off and I was immediately reminded of the steep start to this course. At the 500m point Santa was there to give the little humans a high five and send us back down the hill. The kids got a medal at the finish line and we was nicely warmed up for the 10km race.

We ran this race in February of this year so I was familiar with the route. It is 3 miles up and then 3 miles down. I trained well for this event and found the hill a lot easier than I did on the previous occasion.

Running at night with all the head torches bobbing up and down really adds to the great atmosphere. These Petzl Night runs are now a firm favorite of mine which I have said in other posts.

Now the proper marathon training starts.

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