White Water Rafting?

In the modern business world, firms will do whatever they can to make sure that they stay afloat and ahead of the competition. There are many things to take on board when it comes to being the number one firm in your field or area but the happiness and morale of staff members can never be overlooked. All too often, employees are the element of a business that gets overlooked, apart from when it comes to cutting the cost of a business. This is the wrong attitude to have and many firms are coming to realise that keeping staff members happy, motivated, challenged and focused is the ideal way to get the best from them.

This is where corporate events are becoming an important part of business life. It used to be that there was a negative image around corporate events, many people viewing them as a boring day away from the office. Getting away from the office would be good but knowing that you have all of your work to catch up on at a later date while not learning anything new can be dispiriting. This is not the case now and there are many great corporate event ideas that can bring happiness and benefits to employees and ultimately, the business.

Challenge your employees to work together and to have fun

A good corporate event should be fun, it should be challenging, it should take people out of their comfort zone, it should build confidence and it should help to develop team building. This may seem like a tall order for a single day or a retreat but there is an obvious choice that is a firm favourite when it comes to corporate retreat activities. White water rafting is an excellent activity and it is certainly something that many businesses are turning towards to ensure that their employees are challenged and motivated in the workplace.

There is no denying that putting people together in close proximity on a daily basis can be a drag. This is where people get bored and accustomed to their colleagues. Shaking things up a little by taking them out of the working environment and getting them to work together is a brilliant way to energise employees. There is also an element of danger that is associated with white water rafting so this helps to keep employees on their toes as well.
A well run corporate event will always ensure that there are plenty of people on hand to keep people safe, but this still requires your employees to pay attention and to work together. By the end of a corporate white water rafting day, people will feel tired but they will be happier and they will have a greater degree of confidence in themselves. They will also likely find that they get on better or have more respect for many of their colleagues, which is definitely a positive element for any business. There are plenty of great corporate event ideas but white water rafting is one that everyone can love.

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How to Stay Hydrated When Running

Running is a great form of exercise, but it causes you to sweat and lose water. You must ensure you have a hydration system since every major body system requires water to function properly. Dehydration is a dangerous problem, although even small levels of dehydration can cause issues. Even a 1% dehydration level can cause symptoms such as fatigue, loss of concentration, headaches, moodiness and nausea.

Before You Run

Regardless of the time you run, you should make sure you hydrate before you go out the door or hop on the treadmill and begin. Ideally, you should drink about sixteen ounces an hour before you run, and you can drink another four to eight ounces right before you run. If you run first thing in the morning, it will be more difficult to get all the fluids you need. However, still try to get at least 8 ounces in before you head out for your run. This is especially important if you are going out for a very long run or running in a hot and humid environment. Water works fine for pre-run hydration, even if you are going for a long run.

During Your Run

Hydration during a run is vitally important, especially if you are running for longer than an hour or it is extremely hot and humid. A sure way to know when you are dehydrated is by doing a very basic sweat test – if you are sweating a lot, and if you notice it dries salty. If you are experiencing these symptoms it is essential that you find a source of hydration immediately. The basic rule of thumb for drinking while you run is to drink as soon as thirst strikes; although four to six ounces every twenty minutes also works.

After Your Run

Hydration post-run is very important. Just as you need to refuel and eat a balanced meal with protein and carbohydrates, you must make sure you replace your lost water and electrolytes. The basic rule is to drink 20 to 24 ounces per pound lost due to sweat. You can discover how much sweat you lose by a very simple test. All you have to do is weigh yourself before you run and again after you run. The amount of weight you have lost in the process usually corresponds to the amount of fluid you lost. Typically one pound is around one pint of sweat. Hot days and long runs will always require more rehydration. The most effective way to replace the water that you have lost is by drinking fresh, filtered water – a great way to way to do this is by installing a water dispenser in your home.

When you run regularly, you want to ensure that you are getting enough hydration. One way to know that you are not dehydrated is to check your urine. You are ideally hydrated if your urine is a light yellow or clear colour. If it becomes darker, then you are dehydrated and need to drink more fluids.


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Great North Run 2013


If you’ve done your share of 5K’s and 10k’s and want to step up the pace, or just fancy doing something in-between your marathons, why not take part in the Great North Run on the 15th September?

The event has now grown to a record 55,000 accepted entrants from over 100,000 applicants last year – it’s the World’s biggest and best half marathon, the ultimate mass participation event!

Starting in Newcastle, the course takes in the iconic Tyne Bridge, goes through Gateshead passing the famous international athletics stadium and finishes in the coastal town of South Shields. Live music, on course refreshment and thousands of cheering supporters will keep you motivated every step of the way.

If you’re keen to take part, there’s still chance to get a place through the

British Lung Foundation.

Deadline – 26th July!

Don’t miss out!

The charity requires a £50 registration fee and ask all runners to raise a minimum of £300 to help them support those with lung disease.

Running for a charity doesn’t only mean you’ll help the lives of those less fortunate, but they’ll also make sure your day is extra special! The BLF provide:


  • BLF running vest and t-shirt
  • Training Guide
  • Fundraising pack
  • On hand support from start to finish
  • Any fundraising materials you need
  • Post race marquee, with refreshments and a massages on race day!

For more information visit: http://www.blf.org.uk/Event/Detail/Great-North-Run

020 7078 7912


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LUTA Sportswear



I have to admit I had not heard of Luta Sportswear before they got in touch and gave me the blurb. I can honestly say its impressive. So good to see a company in this day and age with good ethics.

LUTA Sportswear gives HALF its profits to Fight for Peace, a non-profit organisation that uses boxing and martial arts, combined with personal development and education to help realise the potential of young people affected by crime and violence.

The kit is also very cool and on standard with the top brands. You can find the UK site here at http://www.luta.co.uk/



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Radox Muscle Thearpy

I got sent a large bottle of this lovely smelling Radox Muscle Therapy bubble bath. I haven't had a bath in years that is not to say i don't wash i of course have an unquestionably high hygiene standard. That is to say i shower. So in the spirit of trying out products i have been using this stuff for a week and so have all my family. I love the smell of this thick red, gloopy and satisfying bubble bath. I felt thoroughly relaxed and deeply clean. Im going to have to bath more often as the rest of the family have insisted we get this as part of the hygiene routine.



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In previous years, by this point of the year, it is possible to venture out in little more than a vest/t-shirt and shorts without thinking twice.
Unfortunately, this year is proving to be a completely different kettle of fish altogether, as the recent poor weather has meant that I am stuck wearing at least three layers for the foreseeable future!
Rather than staying at home feeling sorry for myself at the fact that I can’t show off more of my pasty white skin, I thought I would use the cold weather to my advantage.
You may find it hard to believe, but exercising outdoors is one of the most effective cold & flu prevention methods, as frequent exercise in cold-weather conditions will actually boost your immune-system.
  • Another benefit of cold weather training is that your body has to expend additional energy (calories) in order to keep you warm; specifically in the form of brown fat. Cold weather exercise is notoriously good at activating brown fat stores, which are more effective at burning calories than your normal fat stores, which roughly equates to an additional 500 calories burned per day. An ice cold shower in the morning produces a similar effect.
  • Another benefit is that exercising outdoors can counteract the brain’s dramatic dip in feel-good chemicals as a result of the short days and long nights; this is achieved through an increased production of serotonin in your brain.
  • It has also been clinically proven that running is four times more effective at reducing the symptoms of depression when compared to anti-depressants.
  • Finally, running in wintry conditions means that your body is actually being trained to use oxygen more efficiently, which will come in handy the next time you are 10 miles into a half-marathon.
Unfortunately, all this is only true if you make sure you are adequately wrapped up against the elements. If you take to the streets in a skimpy vest and pair of shorts in this weather, then you are asking for trouble; it is vital to layer up, which will help to keep your muscles warm and reduce the risk of injury.
If you must wear a skimpy vest, at least wear a thin layer underneath, such as a base layer from Helly Hansen. In my opinion, Outwood Sports stocks a wide range of Helly Hansen base layers in a range of colours and sizes. Alternatively, a lightweight Helly Hansen Jacket over the top of your running gear will be just as effective.
So, there you have it, I have just given you 5 less reasons for not going for a run in this weather – don’t shoot the messenger!
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Jack Wolfskin Waterproof

I got ask to try a bit of kit out from this site. I chose the Jack Wolfskin jacket. While waiting around for a race to start i admit i do get small pleasure watching my fellow competitors shivering and suffering before they have even started (I'm shallow like that)

Anyway i have invested in good kit for the pre race hang out and likewise the post race stuff. This jacket i have used 4 times now and once in quite a downpour. I suppose the basic test is , does it keep you dry ?…….yes it does and does it breath?………yes it does and finally but not so important does it look good?………yes it does. Plenty of very cool top of the range stuff for runners on a great site to use.

Quality gear and it does the job.



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Adidas Boost

I was a bit peeved that Haile Gebrselassie got his free pair of Adidas boost before me. What has he ever done for running? :)

Anyway. So i have run about 26 miles (not in one go i might add) and i found the claim that they bounce back higher than other trainers hard to prove in normal everyday running but they are comfortable and they did not give any sore points which i usually get from new trainers especially on the left toe.
I personally don’t think they look great but that’s just an aesthetic thing and not so important on my list of priorities for a trainer. Ny daughter thinks they look “well cool” what do i know hey? One other small gripe is that i found the sizes to be wrong. When i opened the box it said they were size 11. When i tried them on i found they were quite snug. Now my feet haven’t swollen up and my other size 10 trainers fit perfectly fine unless i got a beta version of the trainers i can see that being a bit of a problem down the line so to speak.



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