Bike And Run

Got up early after a sober Friday evening and went for a nice 3.5 mile run down to the beach. The weather is great and I feel guilty being indoors when the sun is out so later on in the afternoon I went for a little 6 miler on my rattling old bike. Chris Froom would crap himself if he saw me rumbling along on it.

Going to get out and do a 6 mile run in the morning.

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The Kid

After 7 years of being, my daughter joined me for a 4 mile run today. She has just learnt to ride a bike and asked if she could go with me on this mornings run. So we set off on what was one of the most enjoyable runs i have been on in years. She kept my pace down and made me pay on the hills. We chatted all the way round and when we got to the seaside she told me everything i needed to know about the wildlife in the deep. She wants to make it a regular thing. My pleasure.

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Locked Out.

I am sitting here on the doorstep to my house because the keys are inside and I’m not. Finished work so I went to the gym. I did 5 miles on the treadmill and made my way home. That was when I realised I had left the keys indoors. My wife doesn’t get back for an hour or so and that’s when I remembered I still have my bike in the back of the van from the weekend. My arse was not so sore so I went for a quick 5 miles. I can get my own Wi Fi access from this step so all is not lost.

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Isle Of Man

So it turns out cycling 37 miles in mountainous terrain is quite hard to say the least. We all got over to the Isle Of Man for a charity bike ride on Friday morning. Me and a few others decided to have a few beers and then continue drinking beer when we got on the island. This is something one should not do………ever again!
Got up about 07:00 and managed to eat a full English (which was rather good it has to be said) while incredibly hungover. Got to the TT Race Course start line and with 53 others we set off.
The first 10 miles were a nightmare. I had no idea what pace i should go at so i just kept up with people who looked like they knew what they were doing. This was another naive decision on my behalf. These people practice and don’t drink heavily. At the 26 mile point i was gone i had hardly anything in the tank and i was very wobbly. Then it was 7 miles up hill and not just any hill but one you could easily roll down if you so wished.
Then when i got to the top it rained and it rained very hard indeed. Now a 4 mile downhill ride which resulted in me crossing the finish line shivering and bickering under my breath “never the fuck again, never the fuck again” over and over.
Will be back next year to have another go of course.

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37 Mile Bike Ride.

This Saturday along with 53 other people mugs will be riding around the very undulating hills and mountains of the famous TT Race course on the Isle Of Man. It’s in aid of the charity Help For Heroes. I have done absolutely no bike training whatsoever and just hope nothing goes wrong. One of the blokes i work with asked me if i do any fitness and i replied i do a few jogs every now and then he said “all i do is smoke”

Will post all about it when it or me is done.

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Juneathon 6. 20 Mile Bike Ride.

To lessen the impact on the old pins i went for a 20 mile bike ride along the beach this morning. The 10 miles going out was fine. When i turned to head back the wind picked up and it absolutely pissed down. With just 2 miles to go i could barley get over 8 mph. Anyway a nice change and my bum doesn’t hurt that much.

cycle-06-06-20091 soaked1

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