Running In January

After a few days of debauchery, running in January is always a massive effort for me. It’s like trying to start an engine that hasn’t been turned on for months. I can feel those extra pounds and every glass of wine/beer/etc swinging from now protruding gut.  Today was a glorious day though and with tired legs, I really made the effort to get out in the hills for a nice, slow 6 miler. I know after a couple of weeks of solid running I will be back to enjoying it again.

Happy New Year!


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A Run

This blog has come full circle with imaginative titles like the one above. I have just got back from a brutal 4 miler down the beach where the wind is at full throttle. So much so I can't hear the music on my MP3 player. I say brutal not because of any great effort on my part but because of the crap shape I'm in. To much beige food and booze.

I'm off to Scotland next week to kayak the whole of The River Spey with a friend who is doing it in an open canoe. We are going to wild camp along the way so it should take 4 or 5 days. The river is famous for its whiskey distilleries on its banks so we have planned to visit one or two. Probably not a good idea but who am I to say no?


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I run mostly because i eat like a horse. A horse that eats shit food and drinks to much. So i have given up the booze for awhile and started eating better food. I really do like healthy clean food and i do actually cook just about everything i eat. Its the quantity thats the problem. I have started using an App called My Fitness Pal. I'm pretty sure if you have any interest in these matters you would have heard of it if not then im going to do a post on it soon. I have used it on and off so far but when i do use it i find it really does work in an effort to lose a few pounds.

This afternoons lunch.



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Them Sprints

Despite what all those magazines say there is no easy way to get truly fit. So today instead of mincing about doing a slow run I hit the hill Sprints hard. I found an incline on a quiet country lane and did 15 Sprints of about 200 meters with a rest in between. So painful so very painful which is obviously why I don’t do them that much. Towards the end say about the tenth one it would be very hard to describe them as Sprints.

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And so it continues. I went for a cheeky 3 miler during my lunch break at work this afternoon. This is a hard distance for me to complete in any dignified manner at the moment. I know i will look back on this stage and think how the hell did i let myself get in that state?

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Despite the rain i manned up and went for a quick 3 miler. I am so out of shape. I am literally having to start all over again which is very hard and a bitter pill to swallow. The weather is minging around here but a few days ago i found a new place to go running which is just round the corner from a new quarry i’m working at. No let up with the undulating terrain.

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Isle Of Man

So it turns out cycling 37 miles in mountainous terrain is quite hard to say the least. We all got over to the Isle Of Man for a charity bike ride on Friday morning. Me and a few others decided to have a few beers and then continue drinking beer when we got on the island. This is something one should not do………ever again!
Got up about 07:00 and managed to eat a full English (which was rather good it has to be said) while incredibly hungover. Got to the TT Race Course start line and with 53 others we set off.
The first 10 miles were a nightmare. I had no idea what pace i should go at so i just kept up with people who looked like they knew what they were doing. This was another naive decision on my behalf. These people practice and don’t drink heavily. At the 26 mile point i was gone i had hardly anything in the tank and i was very wobbly. Then it was 7 miles up hill and not just any hill but one you could easily roll down if you so wished.
Then when i got to the top it rained and it rained very hard indeed. Now a 4 mile downhill ride which resulted in me crossing the finish line shivering and bickering under my breath “never the fuck again, never the fuck again” over and over.
Will be back next year to have another go of course.

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No Hangover!

I had the pace knocked out of me on this mornings run by a combination of sore legs and the choice of an undulating route. I can’t say i enjoyed it but having the massive blue sky and the sun rising did keep it well out of the miserable category. Usually nursing a severe hangover on a Saturday morning, this i have to say feels much better.


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