Fat Hoody

I have been living the last few weeks the way most people live during the Christmas period, eating and drinking to much. Started to notice the pounds piling on. So as always i went out pounding the streets early this morning in the dark. I only went for a 4 miler and found this very hard going.


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Drunk and Fat

I went for a run. It must be the New Year. This 3 miler was one of the hardest runs i have done in years and i mean that (the rest of the stuff i just make up….ha the wit…..cough) but let me JUSTIFY! i shout in the most melodramatic voice i can muster.

  • I ate far to much food over X-Mas. I have litterlly changed the shape of my body.
  • I drank to much. I seriously considered going into A and E the morning ¬†after consuming vast amounts of Rum with a friend of mine one night.
  • I have or at least i am just getting over a patticully nasty form of the human cold.
  • I counted 49 blinks of my cursor on the screen while i was trying to think of a 4th reason.

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