Grizdale Night 10km

We made a weekend of this in the Lake District. So during the day we drove over to Lake Grasmere and got the Kayak out for a paddle on this lovely bit of water.

On the way to this race from our cottage we booked in to Ambleside I told my daughter there was a kids 1km race. She said she wanted to do it. She’s not keen on running so I was pleased she wanted to have a go. When we arrived at Grizdales visitor center we could hear a brass band playing Christmas tunes. It was a lovely touch to what is already a great race atmosphere. Everyone with hats and head torches and the odd person dressed as Santa or an Elf.

We ran with the kids. Set off and I was immediately reminded of the steep start to this course. At the 500m point Santa was there to give the little humans a high five and send us back down the hill. The kids got a medal at the finish line and we was nicely warmed up for the 10km race.

We ran this race in February of this year so I was familiar with the route. It is 3 miles up and then 3 miles down. I trained well for this event and found the hill a lot easier than I did on the previous occasion.

Running at night with all the head torches bobbing up and down really adds to the great atmosphere. These Petzl Night runs are now a firm favorite of mine which I have said in other posts.

Now the proper marathon training starts.

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Delemere Forest 10km Night Run 2016

A man ran this race in a mankini and I laughed like a fucking drain. You could hear the laughing coming through the crowd as he made his way to the front of the start line during the bullshit briefing. It was cold. UK cold, just below 10. Dark hence the night run. I ran a half marathon here a few weeks ago and I died. I was looking forward to this. I love running at night. The crowd was buzzing, the atmosphere was great. Then they made us run up a massive hill at the 4 mile point. It’s called Pale Hill or Old Pale Hill but we all know it’s an elevated every meter is a fucker to run up hill. That’s what it was.

The medals are always great from these events and I loved every mile. I am going to try to get my body in shape so I can don a mankini in a race before I die.

  • This Month – 16.5 Miles
  • This Year – 501.4 Miles


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Montane Trail 13 Delamere 2016

This race took place in Delamere Forest where someone has hidden a load of hills I didn’t know about. The hills are not massive but they are there, in the way and never ending. It was a stunning morning in the Cheshire countryside and it felt perfect for running. There was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.

I have run in another event organised by the same company in the Lake District. This was at Grizdale. I was really impressed after running in that race. After mile 7 I felt pain and thought to myself not now not so early in the race. I found myself cursing when I was climbing the Cheshire Monument at the top of Old Pale at mile 12. This hill was brutal but you were rewarded with a nice downhill last mile.

Really well organised event. I’m going to try to get the full range of these events under my belt. For now I am hobbling about holding onto anything to keep me upright.



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Coed Llandegla 24km Trail Race

24km is an odd distance for an organised race, that’s 14.9 miles. When and if I make it to the finish line and my GPS says 14.9 miles I will run that extra bit crawl that extra bit to make it to 15.

Coed Llandegla (Coed means wood in Welsh) is a race I am doing next weekend. This place is where I usually take my mountain bike for a run as they have some great routes. Training has gone really well with a slight drop in weight, which always helps.

Making an effort to do more trail runs as the road pounding is becoming tedious although I’m not going to stop doing those types of runs. Looking forward to this.


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Bespoke Fitness Denbigh 10km 2016

I haven’t done a 10km race in ages and as such was really looking forward to this. I have never done this event before and never done a race with this particular organisation. Denbigh is just down the road from where I live. I did the race with my other half and a mate of mine. This was one of those days where the weather was perfect for running, cool, sunny and a slight breeze. The hills here are brutal. Very little flats to plod along but you are rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Really well organised with tremendous support from every single Marshall around the route.

I will  be doing this again.


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Chester Half Marathon 2012

I trained quite well for this or at least i thought i did up until 2 weeks before the race. I got a bit of a chest infection and couldn’t run that well. I decided to do it anyway. I’m glad i did we had a great day and it’s one of the best races i have been in. 5000+ racers took to the streets and it was great weather with an awesome atmosphere.

At 10 miles i got found out and i was in a lot of pain for the final 3 miles 1 hour 59 minutes. A bit disappointed with the time (pb:1 hour 47 mins)

Still a very enjoyable day. Great T-Shirt to.

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Back From Camping

Just got back from an epic adventure in the remote parts of the North West Highlands of Scotland. Wild Camping and Canadian Canoeing for 5 days and not seeing any other human beings was a great way to recharge some batteries. The whole thing was just fantastic. We had some bad weather for the first couple of days which made it a bit dodgy on the water but the rest of the time it was blue sky and sunshine.

When i got back my number for the Chester Half Marathon was waiting for me. 9 days to go cant wait!

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Flint 10km Race Report.

Never done this race before but I will do it next year for sure. Me and my other half did this yesterday. This is my first race in a long time and with the lack of training I wasn’t expecting to get under 60 minute but I got a time of 54:45 which is a few minutes over my PB so I was very pleased with that time.Good atmosphere and no faffing about at the start. Bring on the next race.




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