Running In January

After a few days of debauchery, running in January is always a massive effort for me. It’s like trying to start an engine that hasn’t been turned on for months. I can feel those extra pounds and every glass of wine/beer/etc swinging from now protruding gut.  Today was a glorious day though and with tired legs, I really made the effort to get out in the hills for a nice, slow 6 miler. I know after a couple of weeks of solid running I will be back to enjoying it again.

Happy New Year!


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Running Heaven

There are times when running is just plain grim. Usually when you first start out or after an illness and post Christmas. I find running hard most of the time but every now and then you get gems like the run I had on Sunday.

We went for a 7 miler on the trails in the hills of Llangollen near a place called Llandegla where I sometimes take my mountain bike for a spin. Late afternoon on a Sunday evening after an already great weekend this was by far the best way to put and end to the…..well……weekend.

I still found it physically hard but the environment puts all that to the back of the mind and I can honestly say this is the first time in ages where I have run with a massive grin on my face. The post run buzz was great and enhanced even further when I got home after a nice hot shower to find a really good glass of red Italian waiting for me to saviour.

Sometimes running can be heaven.

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Marathon Hill Training

Moel Famau  is the highest hill within the Clwydian Range, formally Flintshire Range, on the border between Denbighshire and Flintshire in Wales. The hill, which also gives its name to the Moel Famau country park, has been classed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1985. It is also surrounded by several well-preserved Iron-Age hill forts.

This is the place where I have been training for The Glencoe Marathon. I’m doing the race with a good friend of mine and we have both been out running in The Lake District and more closer to home in North Wales. It is fantastic to be able to run in this enviroment.

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Quarry 4 Miler Horses and Sheep

It started raining as soon as i took the first step of the run today. I’m not complaining just mildly moaning about it. This is my first foray into doing better distances in some hills. The combination of running and inclines is always a painful affair but i feel like i’m getting twice the workout in one session. I came across a Horse rider who was very pleased to see me and gave me a hearty and cheerful “Hello!” because the route i take is circular and i have to go round twice, on the 2nd encounter she seemed a bit awkward and just kind of nodded. I took a photo of this Sheep because it was staring at me after i finished my run but i didn’t take the picture in time and instead i got it’s arse.



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In The Hills and The Sun

An after work outdoor 4 miler. It doesn't get much better than this when running. Where i work is a wonderful environment to go walking, mountain biking or of course running. I have been lazy lately and using my treadmill to much. After reading the great guest post below it inspired me to get out and with the weather like it is right now in the UK it would be rude not to.

Those mountain bikers in the picture below just ignored me when i said hello to them. If they happen to stumble on this miraculously and recognise themselves “UP YOURS!”


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If you look back through this running blog i bet you can find 4 or 5 pictures of this blister. Not this exact one they are all different but always in the same place. It was raining all morning and when i finished work this afternoon the sun came out. So i was desperate to get out for a run but the only trainers i had with me were the ones that do this to my right heel. I had thick walking socks and thought it would be ok. Clearly not the case. It looks worse than what it is.

I went for a circular 4 miler around the quarry. This route is turning into a favourite. I get great views of the Clwydian range to the south. With it being a cross country route i ran into some thorn bushes here and there. In my head i was getting 10 inch deep lacerations to the legs and in all probability would require a top up of blood when i got home.  Wrong again :)

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Hill Reps and Pain

Yesterday evening i set off with the intention of having a really good hill session in the spirit of trying to diversify the type of running sessions i do. The hill is about 250 meters long and when i got there i stood at the bottom with gritted teeth and determination saying to myself “right! 10 of these” 5 reps later i was on my way home with my tail between my legs. Lets give that another go in a week or so.

Had to work this morning so when i got back i went for a 3 miler down the beech. Windy.



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